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24-Nov-2020Science Focus = 科言, Issue 018, 2020DSCI
2-Dec-2020IAS Newsletter, Fall 2020IAS
21-Dec-2020科大研發全球最堅固的聚合物納米薄膜 為生物醫學及環境等多個範疇的應用開拓新領域PAO
21-Dec-2020HKUST Researchers Develop the World’s Strongest Polymer Nanomembrane Showing Potential for Multiple Biomedical and Environmental ApplicationsPAO
23-Dec-2020科大再獲越秀集團慷慨捐款八千萬元 支持大學拓展PAO
23-Dec-2020HKUST Receives HK$80 Million Donation from Yuexiu Group to Support the University’s DevelopmentPAO
21-Dec-2020Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2020FO
15-Oct-2020HKUST Launches HK’s First Degree Programs with Extended MajorPAO
16-Dec-2020HKUST Receives HK$20 Million from Mr. Andy Fei Chi-En in Support of the University’s Innovation & Technology Research and Education DevelopmentPAO
5-Nov-2020HKUST Scientists Make Breakthrough Discovery of New Therapeutic Targets for Alzheimer’s DiseasePAO
26-Oct-2020Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Sets Unprecedented Record of No.1 for Ten TimesPAO
14-Oct-2020HKUST Launches Distinctive DBA Program for Motivated LeadersPAO
9-Nov-2020Notes From The Library, Issue No. 118LIB
16-Dec-2020科大獲費志恩先生捐款港幣二千萬元 推動大學科創研究和教育發展PAO
26-Oct-2020凱洛格 ─ 科大EMBA課程榮膺全球「十年冠」PAO
30-Dec-2020SENG News, Issue 25DENG
6-Mar-2020HKUST Business School Stands Out on Gender Balance PerformancePAO
24-Jan-2020In Focus, Issue No. 31DENG
2-Apr-2020Notes From The Library, Issue No. 116LIB
15-Jul-2020The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Academic Calendar 2020-2021ARO
15-Dec-2020Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Proceedings 2019-20DST
25-Jul-2020Thought Leadership Brief, July 2020, no. 39IEMS
21-Jul-2020Thought Leadership Brief, July 2020, no. 40IEMS
25-May-2020Thought Leadership Brief, May 2020, no. 38IEMS
7-Sep-2020Thought Leadership Brief, September 2020, no. 41IEMS
19-Oct-2020Thought Leadership Brief, September 2020, no. 42IEMS
25-Feb-2020Thought Leadership Brief, February 2020, no. 37IEMS
15-Aug-2020HKUST Sustainability Report 2018-19HSEO
29-Apr-2020Safetywise, April 2020HSEO
15-Oct-2020School of Humanities and Social Science Annual Newsletter 2020, Issue 3DHSS
1-Mar-2020HKUST Alumni, Winter/Spring 2020DAO
1-Jun-2020HKUST Alumni, Summer 2020DAO
1-Dec-2020HKUST Alumni, Winter 2020DAO
15-Nov-2020HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 15 November 2020HSEO
15-Apr-2020South China Research Resource Station Newsletter = 華南研究資料中心通訊, 第九十八期HUMA
15-Jul-2020South China Research Resource Station Newsletter = 華南研究資料中心通訊, 第九十九期HUMA
15-Jan-2020South China Research Resource Station Newsletter = 華南研究資料中心通訊, 第九十七期HUMA
15-Jul-2020Postgraduate Prospectus 2021-22FYTGS
1-Sep-2020SENG News, Issue 24DENG
3-Sep-2020ISO Newsletter, Issue No. 2ISO
24-Sep-2020HKUST Researchers Developed the World's First Sound-transmitting Glass MaterialPAO
17-Jul-2020In Focus, Issue No. 32DENG
31-Aug-2020Biz@HKUST, Autumn 2020 (Issue 63)DBM
23-Mar-2020Indoor Guiding System for the Visually ImpairedDST
23-Mar-2020Assistive Exoskeleton for Workers and EldersDST
Results 1-50 of 112 (Search time: 0.021 seconds).