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24-Mar-2023科大公佈合規科技研究 就強化行業發展提出多項建議PAO
22-Mar-2023科大獲非凡集團捐款二千萬 支持大學吸引一流科研人才PAO
24-Mar-2023HKUST's In-depth Study Shows Pathways to Strengthening Hong Kong?s Regtech CapabilitiesPAO
22-Mar-2023Viva Group Donates HK$20 Million to HKUST's '30 for 30' Talent Acquisition CampaignPAO
2-Feb-2023HKUST Breakthrough Identifies Rare Tumor Cell “Spies” Shedding Light on Previously Hidden Cancer FeaturesPAO
23-Feb-2023香港科技大學頒發第五屆傑出服務獎 表揚傑出非教學人員PAO
23-Feb-2023HKUST Honors Outstanding Non-academic Staff MembersPAO
24-Feb-2023科大與無錫經開區簽署合作意向書 建立錫港協同創新中心推動科技創新PAO
22-Feb-2023HKUST Welcomes The 2023-2024 BudgetPAO
24-Feb-2023HKUST and Wuxi EDZ to Establish Wuxi-Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Center to Promote Innovation and TechnologyPAO
31-Mar-2023科大推出校歌 以歌聲凝聚大學社群PAO
19-Apr-2023「科大 - 信和百萬獎金創業大賽2023」參賽項目創紀錄PAO
19-Apr-2023The HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 was Well-received with Record High Entries Newly introduced ESG Award encourages sustainable development initiativesPAO
31-Mar-2023Let's Lift Our Voices As One: HKUST Unveils its Official University AnthemPAO
29-Apr-2023HKUST Sweeps 20 awards at 48th International Exhibition of Inventions GenevaPAO
17-Oct-2023科大公布虛擬資產意見調查 揭示公眾投資取態PAO
11-Oct-2023科大本科資訊日公佈最新入學資訊 文憑試第六科成績可獲額外加分PAO
17-Oct-2023凱洛格 ─ 科大KH EMBA蟬聯摘冠 十二度榮膺全球第一PAO
11-Oct-2023HKUST Information Day Announces Latest Admissions Information Additional Scores for Taking Sixth HKDSE SubjectPAO
17-Oct-2023HKUST Releases Survey Findings on Public Attitudes Towards Virtual AssetsPAO
5-Oct-2023HKUST Receives HK$15 Million Donation from Shanghai Tang Junyuan Education Foundation in Support of Research on Environmental SciencePAO
17-Oct-2023Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Continues its Reign as World's Top Program for the 12th TimePAO
25-Oct-2023HKUST President Prof. Nancy IP Welcomes Policy AddressPAO
22-Oct-2023Joint Statement: Prioritising Mental Health and Building Connections Among University Students in Hong KongPAO
17-Nov-2023香港科技大學第三十一屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予六位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
4-Sep-2023香港科技大學、香港教育大學與華東師範大學聯盟 共同推動人工智能與教育未來發展PAO
4-Sep-2023HKUST, EdUHK and ECNU Launch Tripartite Alliance to Champion AI and Education FuturesPAO
22-Sep-2023HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Six Distinguished IndividualsPAO
10-Oct-2023科大領導團隊研發機器學習模型CELLO2 揭示腦膠質瘤演化的預測因素PAO
10-Oct-2023HKUST-led Research Unveils Early Predictors of Glioma Evolution by Self-constructed Machine-learning Model CELLO2PAO
5-Oct-2023科大獲上海唐君遠教育基金會捐款港幣一千五百萬元 支持環境科學研究PAO
21-Aug-2023HKUST Launches Hong Kong's First Higher Ed Satellite First Step in Building Satellite Constellation Contributing to National Development in Remote Sensing TechnologyPAO
18-Aug-2023科大將舉辦世界經濟論壇大中華區首個領導力發展課程 全球青年領袖濟濟一堂 共同探討人工智能PAO
18-Aug-2023HKUST to Host World Economic Forum's First Leadership Development Program in Greater China on Artificial Intelligence for Young Global LeadersPAO
26-Aug-2023「香港科大 ─ 雄彬一號」衛星順利升空 科大遙感衛星星座計劃正式開展PAO
21-Aug-2023科大發射香港高教界首枚衛星 開展遙感衛星星座計劃 貢獻國家遙感科研發展PAO
26-Aug-2023HKUST Successfully Launches "HKUST-FYBB#1" Satellite Kick-starting Satellite Constellation ProgramPAO
28-Aug-2023科大與科勁發展建立聯合實驗室 加強可持續技術的創新研究PAO
28-Aug-2023HKUST and King’s Flair Establish Joint Laboratory to Strengthen Innovative Research on Sustainable TechnologiesPAO
17-Nov-2023HKUST Holds 31st Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctoral Degrees on Six Distinguished LeadersPAO
3-Aug-2023科大與慧科聯手推出本港首個前瞻性旅遊指數 人工智能分析訪港意欲 支持旅遊業復甦PAO
3-Aug-2023HKUST and Wisers Launch Hong Kong's First Forward-looking Tourism Index Supporting Tourism Recovery with AI-Powered Predictive ModelPAO
27-Jul-2023科大試行兩智能減廢慳水措施 推動八大可持續校園發展PAO
27-Jul-2023HKUST Pilots Two Smart Waste and Water Reduction Measures to Promote the Development of Eight Sustainable CampusesPAO
Results 1-50 of 76 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).