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19-Jan-2021科大夥拍恒隆地產舉辦恒隆數學獎 第九屆獎項現正接受報名 為香港培育未來人才PAO
19-Jan-2021HKUST Collaborates with Hang Lung to Foster Young Mathematics Talent 2021 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards are now Open for RegistrationPAO
26-Jan-2021Twenty-eighth Congregation - Session 6-11PAO
26-Jan-2021Twenty-eighth Congregation - Session 1-5PAO
26-Jan-2021Twenty-eighth Congregation - Session 12-16PAO
11-Mar-2021科大研究人員發現製造新種手性分子的新方法 為藥物發展帶來新希望PAO
11-Mar-2021HKUST Researchers Find Novel Way to Produce New Kind of Chiral Molecules Bringing New Hope for Drug DevelopmentPAO
24-Feb-2021HKUST Launches Hong Kong’s First Digital MBA for Working Professionals in AsiaPAO
1-Apr-2021科大與建行合辦金融科技碩士項目 培育金融專才助力兩地聯通PAO
29-Mar-2021HKUST Arts Festival 2021 Presents Interactive Exhibition on the Cultures of Central Asia, Caucasus and Middle EastPAO
1-Apr-2021HKUST and CCB Co-organize Fintech Master Program to Cultivate Financial Talents and Foster ConnectivityPAO
19-Apr-2021Prof. Lionel NI appointed as Founding President of HKUST(GZ)PAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Business and ManagementPAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of SciencePAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - University-wide Degree ConfermentPAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Doctor of PhilosophyPAO
5-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of EngineeringPAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Interdisciplinary Programs OfficePAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Humanities and Social SciencePAO
26-Aug-2021科大與科技園公司簽署合作備忘錄 共同激發大灣區的創科增長機遇PAO
27-Sep-2021香港科技大學與香港特區政府展開合作 解決大灣區臭氧污染問題PAO
26-Aug-2021HKUST Signs MoU with HKSTP to Spark I&T Growth Opportunities in GBAPAO
26-Sep-2021香港科技大學與 Facebook 合作培育新一代數碼人才PAO
16-Aug-2021HKUST Scientists Develop Genome-editing Strategy for Potential Alzheimer's Disease TherapyPAO
29-Sep-2021HKUST Co-led Study Suggests Future Prosperity in China is Unlikely to be Hindered by Population AgingPAO
28-Sep-2021HKUST Professor Wins UGC Teaching Award 2021PAO
26-Sep-2021HKUST Collaborates with HKSAR Government on Solving Regional Ozone Pollution in Greater Bay AreaPAO
17-Sep-2021HKUST Announces Appointment of Prof. Tim CHENG as Vice-President for Research and DevelopmentPAO
27-Sep-2021HKUST Partners with Facebook to Empower Next Generation of Digital TalentsPAO
20-Sep-2021HKUST Launches Hong Kong's First Sustainable and Green Finance ProgramPAO
12-Oct-2021HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Five Distinguished IndividualsPAO
14-Oct-2021科大研究顯示珠江口水域矽藻數量上升 為未來有關紅潮/藻華影響的研究奠定重要基礎PAO
25-Oct-2021HKUST Builds Green Living Hub for StudentsPAO
14-Oct-2021HKUST Research Shows Growing Dominance of Diatom Algae in the Pearl River Estuary Paving the Way for Future Study on Diatom BloomsPAO
26-Nov-2021香港科技大學第二十九屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予六位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
17-Nov-2021科大逸夫演藝中心開幕 透過藝術和文化推廣多元PAO
3-Nov-2021科大教授榮獲國家自然科學獎 協助基建、斜坡等工程應對氣候變化挑戰PAO
Results 1-50 of 81 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).