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2-Jun-2022科大研究人員利用年齡資格特性 成功在數據不足的情況下測量疫苗有效率PAO
2-Jun-2022HKUST Researchers Devise Age-Based Eligibility Method to Measure Vaccine Effectiveness in Data-Deficient ScenariosPAO
13-Jun-2022香港科技大學 - 香港生產力促進局工業人工智能與機器人聯合研究中心正式成立 推動培育智能及先進製造工業的創科人才PAO
13-Jun-2022HKUST and HKPC Launch Joint Research Lab for Industrial AI and Robotics Fostering Intelligent & Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial I&T Talent DevelopmentPAO
10-Jun-2022科大與港鐵成立智慧社區實驗室 攜手研發創新方案 便利市民生活及出行PAO
10-Jun-2022HKUST and MTR Establish a Joint Research Laboratory to Join Hands in Exploring Innovative Solutions to Bring Convenience to the Public in Daily Life and TravellingPAO
11-May-2022HKUST Pushes Forward Research on Early Diagnostics and Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative DiseasesPAO
6-May-2022HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY Honored by French GovernmentPAO
23-Feb-2022科大與應科院簽署合作備忘錄 結合知識產權及科研實力 共同開展新研發 促進技術商品化PAO
23-Feb-2022HKUST and ASTRI sign MoU on Joint R&D and Technology Commercialisation Leveraging Intellectual Properties and Combining Research StrengthsPAO
3-Mar-2022科大加強精英學生運動員入學計劃 取錄奧運獎牌得主蘇慧音PAO
7-Mar-2022科大推出首個線上海洋環境影像化平台 促進海洋科研與保育PAO
7-Mar-2022HKUST Launches First Online Marine Environmental Visualization Platform Facilitating Marine Research and ConservationPAO
3-Mar-2022HKUST Admits Olympic Medalist Minnie SOO Through Enhanced Admission Scheme for Top AthletesPAO
28-Jun-2022科大-信和百萬獎金創業大賽2022 以創意應對身心健康、環境安全等議題PAO
28-Jun-2022HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 Tackles Health and Environmental Safety Issues with InnovationPAO
23-Jun-2022HKUST Receives HK$100 Million from The Tung Foundation in Support of HKUST2.0PAO
11-Mar-2022「科大-信和百萬獎金創業大賽2022」邀本地及海外人才參賽 為大學三十周年誌慶PAO
11-Mar-2022HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 Welcomes Both Local and Overseas Submissions in Celebration of University's 30th AnniversaryPAO
11-Feb-2022Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2021FO
7-Apr-2022科大研發新智能殺菌塗層 長期抗禦OmicronPAO
11-Apr-2022香港首個金融科技行業發展深入研究 就策略、創新及人才培育提出多項建議PAO
7-Apr-2022HKUST Develops New Smart Anti-Microbial Coating With Long Term Protection Against OmicronPAO
23-Mar-2022HKUST and Microsoft Hong Kong Sign MOU for AI Business School 2.0 Strategic PartnershipPAO
11-Apr-2022Hong Kong's First In-depth Fintech Development Study Points Way Forward in Strategies, Innovation and Talent BuildingPAO
16-Mar-2022HKUST to Strengthen Research and Academic Collaboration with the University of StrathclydePAO
15-Jan-2022Biz@HKUST, Spring 2022 (Issue 66)DBM
21-Mar-2022In Focus, Issue No. 34DENG
7-Feb-2022Notes From The Library, Issue No. 123LIB
25-Apr-2022科大與瑞士百達資產管理聯合調查:香港個人投資者ESG意識及相關投資經驗較低 惟投資意欲強勁PAO
25-Apr-2022HKUST and Pictet Asset Management survey: Hong Kong retail investors show strong intent on ESG investment, despite awareness and associated investment experience remaining lowPAO
3-Jan-2022T cells fit to tackle Omicron, suggests new studyPAO
1-Apr-2022Notes From The Library, Issue No. 124LIB
20-May-2022HKUST Appoints Prof. Nancy IP as Fifth PresidentPAO
19-May-2022科大研發新型多功能水凝膠 抑制渠務及沖廁系統的氣味及細菌PAO
19-May-2022HKUST Develops New Multifunctional Hydrogel for Odor and Microbial Control in Hong Kong's Drainage and Flushing SystemsPAO
26-May-2022HKUST to Enhance Collaboration on Sustainability with French ConsulatePAO
4-Jul-2022科大研發全球最耐久的氫燃料電池 有助推動綠色能源普及化PAO
4-Jul-2022HKUST Develops World’s Most Durable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Paving Way For Wider Application of Green EnergyPAO
1-Jul-2022President Xi Visits HKUST’s Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative DiseasesPAO
29-Jun-2022香港科技大學(廣州)正式設立 今年9月開學 致力建設全球首家融合學科大學 深度服務大灣區建設 促進內地與香港教育融合發展PAO
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