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25-Jan-2016The HKUST MBA Ranks First in Asia PacifcPAO
15-Dec-2016Annual Report, 2015 - 2016PAO
2-Feb-2016香港科技大學研發環保有機太陽能電池 發電效率創新紀錄PAO
2-Feb-2016HKUST Develops Environmentally Friendly Organic Solar Cells with Record PerformancePAO
22-Feb-2016HKUST Holds Opening Ceremony for Cheng Yu Tung BuildingPAO
31-Jan-2016微軟應用和服務工程部執行副總裁陸奇博士 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」演講 剖析新興數碼社會的結構PAO
31-Jan-2016Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Applications and Services Group Dr Qi Lu Speaks on The Anatomy of an Emerging Digital Society at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
26-Jan-2016香港科技大學和哈佛大學科學家發現探測極早期宇宙演化歷史的方案 有助了解宇宙起源PAO
26-Jan-2016HKUST-Harvard Scientists Discover Ways to Clock the Beginning of the UniversePAO
3-Feb-2016圖靈獎得主姚期智教授在「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」 探索量子計算學發展PAO
3-Feb-2016Turing Prize Winner Prof Andrew Chi-Chih Yao Explores Development of Quantum Computing at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
23-Feb-2016HKUST Enters into Partnership with the Global Association of Risk ProfessionalsPAO
15-Aug-2016HKUST Expert List 2016PAO
15-Oct-2016HKUST Corporate Booklet [As at Jul 2016]PAO
27-Oct-2016諾貝爾物理學獎得主喬治.斯穆特教授 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」 探討重力波的發現及其未來研究方向PAO
27-Oct-2016Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof George Smoot Discusses Discovery of Gravitational Waves and its Way Forward at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
26-Oct-2016HKUST Wins Silver in Cybathlon - the World's First Olympics for Bionic AthletesPAO
17-Oct-2016凱洛格 – 科大EMBA課程第七度獲全球排名第一PAO
17-Oct-2016HKUST Celebrates its 7th World No.1 Ranking for Kellogg-HKUST EMBA ProgramPAO
22-Nov-2016Three Renowned Scholars share their Research Breakthroughs at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
28-Nov-2016HKUST Committed to Nurturing Young Research Talents Three Undergraduates Publish Paper in Nature CommunicationsPAO
23-Nov-2016HKUST and University of Waterloo Jointly Offer Dual PhD DegreesPAO
18-Nov-2016香港科技大學舉行第二十四屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予六位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
18-Nov-2016HKUST Holds 24th Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctorates on Six Distinguished Academics and Community LeadersPAO
12-Dec-2016HKUST Life Scientist Prof Danny Chi Yeu Leung Wins Croucher Innovation Award 2017PAO
13-Dec-2016HKUST Business School Named "School of the Year" by CEMSPAO
17-Nov-2016香港科技大學畢業生就業能力躍升至全球第13位 繼續位列大中華院校之首PAO
4-Mar-2016諾貝爾化學獎得主艾倫‧黑格教授於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」 分享科學的創意與探索PAO
21-Apr-2016Breakthrough Discoveries at HKUST Offer New Hope for Treatment of Alzheimer’s DiseasePAO
21-Apr-2016Transforming Lives: An Exhibition for HKUST’s 25th AnniversaryPAO
9-Mar-2016HKUST Holds Third Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty MembersPAO
25-Feb-2016HKUST Presents Internationally-Acclaimed Exploration of Creativity Featuring Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in Celebration of Its 25th AnniversaryPAO
4-Mar-2016Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Prof Alan J Heeger Shares Insights on Creativity and Discovery in Science at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
2-May-2016HKUST hosts frst Asian Physics Olympiad in Hong KongPAO
30-May-2016Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr Randy Schekman Explains Secretion of Large Particles and miRNA at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
13-Jun-2016HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Four Distinguished LeadersPAO
Results 1-50 of 134 (Search time: 0.013 seconds).