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28-May-2018科大與紅十字國際委員會展開合作計劃 促進人道救援工作 透過體驗式學習提升同學的國際視野PAO
28-May-2018HKUST and ICRC Forge Partnership to Facilitate Humanitarian Work and Students' Global Vision Through Experiential LearningPAO
14-May-2018科大開辦新公共政策碩士課程及 公佈大灣區創科政策發展報告PAO
14-May-2018HKUST Launches New Master Program in Public Policy and Reveals Report on I&T Development of Greater Bay AreaPAO
18-May-2018Leading Experts from China, Hong Kong and the World Share Insights on Smart Cities at HKUST's First SymposiumPAO
15-Mar-2018Mathematical Excalibur, Volume 21, Number 4MATH
13-Apr-2018HKUST and Peking University Steer the Official Launch of Beijing - Hong Kong Universities AlliancePAO
2-Apr-2018科大—信和百萬元創業大賽2018引進新元素 促進多元、提升參加者體驗與公眾參與並擴展至七個城市舉辦PAO
2-Apr-2018HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 to Enhance Diversity, Participants' Experience and Public EngagementPAO
3-Apr-2018Notes From The Library, Issue No. 108LIB
28-Mar-2018科大研究團隊發現中國人群阿爾茲海默症相關的遺傳風險因子 為疾病診斷和治療提供重要基礎PAO
18-Apr-2018In Focus, Issue No. 29DENG
15-Feb-2018IEMS Newsletter, Spring 2018IEMS
23-Apr-2018HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 23 April 2018HSEO
15-Feb-2018Thought Leadership Brief, February 2018, no. 21IEMS
1-May-2018科大與Minerva Project合作 為學生提供更豐富的學習體驗PAO
1-May-2018Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Minerva Project Collaborate to Provide Enriching Learning Experiences for StudentsPAO
8-Jan-2018Biz@HKUST, Spring 2018 (Issue 56)DBM
8-Jan-2018First HKUST Scholar Wins Top Prize of State Natural Science Award for Outstanding Achievements in Aggregation-induced Emission (AIE)PAO
8-Jan-2018香港科技大學首位教授獲國家自然科學獎一等獎 表揚其高效能聚集誘導發光現象及應用技術之研發PAO
10-Jan-2018HKUST Launches Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision AnalyticsPAO
18-Jan-2018HKUST Appoints Prof Wei Shyy as Fourth PresidentPAO
20-Aug-2018HKUST Sustainability Report 2016-17HSEO
1-Jan-2018HKUST Sustainability Report 2015-16HSEO
21-Aug-2018香港科技大學硏究團隊重構神經突觸的關鍵元件 揭示其形成及調節機制 為精神障礙的診斷及早期治療帶來希望PAO
17-Aug-2018HKUST Hosts Xiangshan Science Conference on Neuromorphic Computing & Artificial Intelligence and Hosts Launching Ceremory for Hong Kong Society of Artificial Intelligence and RoboticsPAO
21-Aug-2018HKUST Scientists Rebuild Synapse-like Machineries to Unveil its Formation and Regulatory Mechanism Paving Ways for Diagnosis and Early Intervention of Mental DisordersPAO
29-Aug-2018科大加強推廣STEM教育 推出一站式STEM@HKUST平台PAO
29-Aug-2018HKUST Enhances Promotion on STEM Education Launches STEM@HKUST One-stop Online PlatformPAO
1-Sep-2018Biz@HKUST, Autumn 2018 (Issue 58)DBM
3-Sep-2018Notes From The Library, Issue No. 109LIB
5-Sep-2018HKUST Receives HK$100 million Donation from Lo Kwee Seong Foundation to Advance Frontiers of Knowledge of Life SciencePAO
6-Sep-2018HKUST Faculty wins UGC Teaching Award 2018PAO
14-Oct-2018香港科技大學獲廣東博智林機器人捐贈港幣二億元 促進大學在人工智能與機器人方面的研究及教育工作PAO
14-Oct-2018HKUST Receives HK$200 Million Donation from Guangdong Bright Dream Robotics to Foster Research and Education in Robotics and AIPAO
15-Jun-2018Thought Leadership Brief, June 2018, no. 23IEMS
21-Sep-2018HKUST Establishes Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research to Spearhead Comprehensive Development of AIPAO
19-Sep-2018HKUST Students, Staff and Faculty Offered Free MOOC Certificates in Exclusive Pilot Program With CourseraPAO
28-Sep-2018IAS Newsletter, September 2018IAS
24-Sep-2018香港科技大學獲潘樂陶慈善基金捐贈港幣一億元 促進大學在可持續發展方面的研究及教育工作PAO
7-Oct-2018HKUST Hosts Inaugural Asia-Pacific Rising Stars Women in Engineering Workshop to Nurture Female Academic Leaders and Promote Diversity in AcademiaPAO
24-Sep-2018HKUST Receives HK$100 Million Donation from Otto Poon Charitable Foundation to Promote Research and Education in SustainabilityPAO
23-Sep-2018HKUST Launches HK's First Tech-Based Degree Program in Data Science and TechnologyPAO
Results 1-50 of 226 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).