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10-Jul-2013香港科技大學物理學者開創局域共振聲學 獲首屆 Brillouin 獎章PAO
12-Jul-2013HKUST Areas of Excellence Projects Awarded Close to HK$100 Million from UGC Driving World-class Research in Photonic and Phononic Advanced Materials and Signaling Mechanisms in Neuro-disordersPAO
15-Jun-2013香港科技大學 [二零一三年] [簡体]PAO
15-Jun-2013香港科技大學 [二零一三年] [繁体]PAO
15-Jun-2013The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [2013]PAO
3-Jun-2013Small Particles, Big Science: A Personal PerspectiveIAS; DENG
5-Jun-2013Micron Scale Patterning of the Fluid Phospholipid Bilayer: Mechanisms and Clinical ImplicationsIAS
29-May-2013Robust Discretization and Precondition for Coupled PDE SystemsIAS; DENG
14-Jun-2013Ford Unveils Collaboration with HKUST to Provide HKD1,000,000 in Environmental Research Grants to StudentsPAO
19-Jun-2013HKUST's Significant Breakthrough in Superconductivity Using Ultrathin Lead Nanowires For Medical and Biological ApplicationsPAO
14-Jun-2013HKUST Community to Organize Summer Garage Sale for Fun and SustainabilityPAO
31-May-2013HKUST, Peking University and University of Southern California Researchers Conduct Massive China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study Revealing Adult Women Fare Worse than MenPAO
5-Jun-2013HKUST 2013 One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition Fosters Entrepreneurial SpiritPAO
11-Jun-2013HKUST Ranks No 1 in Asia for Third Straight YearPAO
27-Jun-2013HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Four Distinguished LeadersPAO
10-Jul-2013HKUST Physicists Awarded First Brillouin Medal for Groundbreaking Research in PhononicsPAO
6-Jun-2013Recent Development and Application on Seismic Resistance, Seismic Isolation, Passive and Active Control in ChinaIAS; DENG
11-Jun-2013Science in the World around Us: Electricity Was Not Invented by Trying to Make Better CandlesIAS
4-Feb-2013Feedback Trading between Fundamental Information and Non-fundamental InformationIAS; FINA
28-Feb-2013Game Theory as a Tool for Describing CommunicationIAS
25-Feb-2013How an Organelle Gets into ShapeIAS
15-Feb-2013Notes From The Library, Issue No. 87LIB
15-Mar-2013Safetywise, March 2013HSEO
15-Apr-2013Notes From The Library, Issue No. 88LIB
10-Jan-2013科大惠理投資研究中心主辦 中國證券市場及估值會議PAO
10-Jan-2013HKUST Value Partners Center for Investing Hosts China Securities Market and Valuation ConferencePAO
15-Jun-2013Alumni news, June 2013DAO
15-Jul-2013HKUST Business School [SBM] Newsletter (Issue 44)DBM
15-Jul-2013Safetywise, July 2013HSEO
16-Jul-2013HKUST Mathematician Awarded the Morningside Gold Medal of MathematicsPAO
11-Aug-2013香港科技大學與招商局合作提供實習機會及資助海外交流 擴闊年青一代視野PAO
11-Aug-2013HKUST Enters Partnership with China Merchants Group to Provide Internships And Overseas Exchange OpportunitiesPAO
15-Aug-2013Buzz, Aug 2013DBM
4-Sep-2013Notes From The Library, Issue No. 89LIB
15-Jul-2013The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Program and Course Catalog 2013-2014PROVOST
8-Nov-2013HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, November 2013HSEO
12-Apr-2013歐洲核子研究中心物理學家約翰.艾理斯教授 ( Prof John Ellis ) 於俄鋁校長論壇主講探索宇宙基本問題PAO
12-Apr-2013UC RUSAL President's Forum Features CERN Physicist Prof John Ellis Speaking On Fundamental Questions About The UniversePAO
8-Apr-2013歐洲核子研究中心物理學家約翰.艾理斯教授 ( Prof John Ellis )於俄鋁校長論壇探索宇宙基本問題PAO
Results 1-50 of 307 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).