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4-Jan-2010Conjugacy Classes in the Weyl Group and Unipotent Conjugacy ClassesIAS
7-Jan-2010Science, Society and SustainabilityIAS
19-Sep-2012The Power of Observations: Discovering the Kuiper Belt; Asteroids, Comets and the Origin of the OceansIAS
24-Sep-2012The Business of ScienceIAS
3-Jun-2013Small Particles, Big Science: A Personal PerspectiveIAS; DENG
5-Jun-2013Micron Scale Patterning of the Fluid Phospholipid Bilayer: Mechanisms and Clinical ImplicationsIAS
29-May-2013Robust Discretization and Precondition for Coupled PDE SystemsIAS; DENG
6-Jun-2013Recent Development and Application on Seismic Resistance, Seismic Isolation, Passive and Active Control in ChinaIAS; DENG
11-Jun-2013Science in the World around Us: Electricity Was Not Invented by Trying to Make Better CandlesIAS
4-Feb-2013Feedback Trading between Fundamental Information and Non-fundamental InformationIAS; FINA
28-Feb-2013Game Theory as a Tool for Describing CommunicationIAS
25-Feb-2013How an Organelle Gets into ShapeIAS
4-Oct-2012Metamaterials and MetasurfacesIAS
5-Oct-2012Leveraging Nonlocal and Nonlinear Effects in Metallic Nanoparticles for Optical MetamaterialsIAS
7-Oct-2012Graphene PlasmonicsIAS
5-Oct-2012Light Control with Metamaterials and Plasmonic StructuresIAS
3-Oct-2012[Transformation Optics, Invisibility, & Control of Electromagnetic Fields; Non-locality and the Limits to Sub-wavelength Focussing]IAS
6-Oct-2012Metamaterials and Metasystems: Mixing Simplicity with ComplexityIAS
12-Oct-2012Regulation of Cell Signaling by Protein Phosphorylation, Ubiquitylation and SUMOylationIAS
2-Nov-2012The Higgs-like Particle Discovery and Beyond: A Global EndeavorIAS
2-Nov-2012UC RUSAL President's Forum: 8.5 Billion Global Consumers by 2030: Opportunity or Looming Disaster?IAS
9-Nov-2012Travel Time TomographyIAS
14-Dec-2012Symmetry Protected Topological Insulator of 3d bosons via Dyon Condensation: The 'Statistical Witten Effect'IAS
14-Dec-2012Interface Induced High Temperature Superconductivity in Single Unit-cell FeSe STiOIAS
14-Dec-2012Topological Insulators of BosonsIAS
14-Dec-2012ARPES on Electronic Structure and Superconducting Gap of FeSe Films/SrTiO₃IAS
14-Dec-2012Spin Seebeck Effect in a Variety of Magnetic SystemsIAS
14-Dec-2012Orbital Rashba Effect & Its ImplicationsIAS
14-Dec-2012Realizing the Pfaffian Quantum Hall State with Cold Atom MagicIAS
14-Dec-2012The Source of Chiral Superconductivity in Sr₂RuO₄ - 1D or 2D -bands?IAS
14-Dec-2012Topological Insulator, Quantum Spin Hall and Quantum Anomalous Hall EffectsIAS
15-Dec-2012Symmetry Protected Topological Phases in Quantum Integer Spin ChainsIAS
15-Dec-2012Anomalous Properties of Dirac Particles in Graphene and Its MultilayersIAS
15-Dec-2012Excitation Spectra of 2D Massless Dirac Fermion Systems: Graphene and Topological InsulatorsIAS
15-Dec-2012Impurity-induced Bound States in Topological Insulators and SuperconductorsIAS
15-Dec-2012Long-range Entangled Quantum Matter: A New Chapter of Quantum Matter PhysicsIAS
14-Dec-2012Spintronics Using Topological Insulators and Triplet SuperconductorsIAS
15-Dec-2012Topological Aspects of Proximity EffectsIAS
15-Dec-2012Black Holes and Optical ConductivityIAS
16-Dec-2012Beyond Graphene: Two-dimensional CrystalsIAS
16-Dec-2012Topological and Quantum Magnetic Phases in 5d Ir-Oxides with Strong Spin-Orbit CouplingIAS
16-Dec-2012Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling is Warming upIAS
16-Dec-2012The fate of Bose-Einstein Condensate in the Presence of Spin-orbit CouplingIAS
16-Dec-2012Spin-Orbit Induced-Spin Torques in Single FerromagnetsIAS
16-Dec-2012Majorana Fermions in Gapped and Gapless Topological SuperconductorsIAS
16-Dec-2012Symmetry Protected Topological Order in Superfluid ³He-BIAS
16-Dec-2012Magnetism of LaAlO₃/SrTiO₃ HeterostructureIAS
16-Dec-2012Theory of Spin-current Generation from Rigid and Elastic MotionIAS
16-Dec-2012Exotic Quantum Phases Driven by Correlations in Low-dimensional Electron SystemsIAS
15-Dec-2012Recent Advances in β-FeSe̳1̳-̳x and Related SuperconductorsIAS
Results 1-50 of 796 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).