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27-Nov-1997HKUST Professor Wins Prestigious Innovator of the Year AwardPAO
22-May-1997HKUST Symposium on Traditional Chinese MedicinePAO
20-May-1997HKUST's New Program Trains Information EngineersPAO
30-Oct-1997HKUST Launches Unique Degrees in Chemical EngineeringPAO
16-Jan-1997Forum On New Trends In Video/Multimedia TechnologyPAO
24-Jun-1997New Dual-Major Computer Science and Engineering Degree at HKUSTPAO
15-Jul-1997Summer Camp Encourages Women to Choose EngineeringPAO
29-Oct-1997New Program at HKUST Trains Building Services EngineersPAO
15-Sep-1997Popular Science Lecture on Gene Story of the 21st CenturyPAO
10-Apr-1997HKUST Appoints New Head of BiologyPAO
17-Nov-1997New UG Minors Widen Students' HorizonsPAO
9-Sep-1997Top Engineering Teachers Named at HKUSTPAO
2-Dec-1997The Future of China's Space Race Revealed at HKUSTPAO
27-May-1997HKUST Launches First Global Reef SurveyPAO
17-Apr-1997New Chemical Society Formed In Hong KongPAO
19-Nov-1997Professor Explains New Advances in Polymer SciencePAO
13-Nov-1997Fifth CongregationPAO
25-Apr-1997East Asian Research Universities Meet at HKUST to Explore Collaboration in BiotechnologyPAO
24-Jun-1997HKUST Displays Research Projects at Hi-Tech ExhibitionPAO
15-Aug-1997HKUST's Industrial Engineers Foster Expertise On The Chinese MainlandPAO
15-Nov-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 3ETC
15-Mar-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 1ETC
15-Jul-1997IDU News, Vol. 2, No. 2ETC
23-Sep-1997HKUST Holds Student Outreach Day 1997 on 27 SeptemberPAO
13-Nov-1997HKUST Hosts "Gems of Contemporary Chinese Prints-An Exhibition by the Faculty of the Department of Print, China National Academy of Fine Arts"PAO
19-Mar-1997New Art On-Line at HKUSTPAO
27-May-1997Top Companies Help Students Start Job SearchPAO
16-Oct-1997Reef Check 97 Confirms Devastation of 'Rain Forests of the Sea'PAO
16-Sep-1997New Materials on View at HKUSTPAO
19-Aug-1997Rita Fan to Open Symposium on Global Manufacturing at HKUSTPAO
6-Mar-1997Local Philanthropist Contributes $2M to HKUSTPAO
7-Aug-1997World's Leading Astronomers Gather at HKUSTPAO
10-Mar-1997New Head of Research and Development at HKUSTPAO
17-Jun-1997HKUST Graduate Survey Marks Career SuccessPAO
14-Aug-1997Human Language Processors Meet in Hong Kong as Interest Grows in Chinese LanguagePAO
21-Apr-1997HKUST Exhibit Focuses on New TechnologyPAO
6-May-1997HKUST Graduates Make Successful Start to CareersPAO
25-Feb-1997Home Affairs Secretary to Share Experience with HKUST StudentsPAO
19-Jun-1997China in Maps: HKUST Exhibit Celebrates Hong Kong's Return to ChinaPAO
5-Mar-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 19PAO
26-Nov-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 34PAO
14-Nov-1997Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 1997FO
5-Nov-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 33PAO
8-Oct-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 31PAO
3-Jul-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 26PAO
16-Apr-1997HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 8, Number 22PAO
15-Jan-1997Channel, Issue No. 27CCST
15-Jun-1997Safetywise, Vol. 6, No. 2SEPO
15-Feb-1997Notes From The Library, Issue No. 23LIB
15-Dec-1997Annual Report, 1996 - 1997PAO
Results 1-50 of 452 (Search time: 0.029 seconds).