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30-May-1995HKUST First Graduates Competitive in Job MarketPAO
7-Sep-1995New Degree Programmes at HKUST Will Address Environmental ConcernsPAO
1-Sep-1995HKUST Students to Benefit from New Summer School ProgrammePAO
12-Sep-1995HKUST Library to Hold Exhibition of 'China in Maps: 16th - 19th Century'PAO
4-Oct-1995World's Business Leaders Seek Global Perspectives at HKUSTPAO
5-Sep-1995Red-Chip Stocks Offer Refuge from Political ShocksPAO
29-Jun-1995HKUST Students Win Scholarships to FrancePAO
9-May-1995Experienced Administrator to Take Key Post at HKUSTPAO
15-Nov-1995Fact Book 1994-1995VPABO
28-Feb-1995Exhibit of Major Chinese Artist Opens at HKUSTPAO
9-Jun-1995Press Release Relating Accident Investigation.PAO
20-Jul-1995HKUST Scholars Study Stock Market VolatilityPAO
19-Jan-1995HKUST Holds Engineering Student Summer Camp for Form 6 StudentsPAO
10-Feb-1995HKUST to Hold Workshop on Electronic PackagingPAO
28-Nov-1995HKUST Offers Certificate Course on Equity OptionsPAO
30-Mar-1995Top Economist Paul Krugman To Talk at Citibank/HKUST Business ForumPAO
23-Nov-1995HKUST Biologists to Foster Neurological Research in ChinaPAO
20-Apr-1995Fact Finding Report of the Accident Investigation Task ForcePAO
1-Aug-1995Better Career Prospects for Physics Majors at HKUSTPAO
7-Dec-1995HKUST Library Hosts Colloquium on Standards and PatentsPAO
20-Jan-1995Cancellation of News Conference at HKUSTPAO
20-Feb-1995HKUST to Present Antonio Mak RetrospectivePAO
17-Oct-1995Renowned Russian Mathematician Speaks at HKUSTPAO
27-Jul-1995Should the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Consider a Direct Entry Applicant who has Withdrawn from JUPAS?PAO
21-Jun-1995International Conference on Supply Chain Management to be Held at HKUSTPAO
10-Aug-1995HKUST Holds Conference on South China's Economic DevelopmentPAO
6-Jan-1995Modern Flexible Manufacturing Is the Goal of HKUST EngineersPAO
7-Mar-1995HKUST's Study of Advanced Materials at ForefrontPAO
21-Dec-1995HKUST to Collaborate with UGC Institutions in Sharing Postgraduate CoursesPAO
28-Jul-1995Mayor of Shanghai Visits HKUSTPAO
20-Oct-1995BBC Pronunciation Head Speaks at HKUSTPAO
12-Jan-1995HKUST Engineers Detect Early Corrosion in Reinforcing SteelPAO
2-Nov-1995Third CongregationPAO
3-Jul-1995Scientists Discuss Nanostructured Materials at HKUSTPAO
14-Sep-1995HKUST Business Undergraduates Join International Exchange ProgrammePAO
15-Dec-1995HKUST Researchers Find Air Pollution Highest in Mong KokPAO
6-Apr-1995HKUST Library Technology Leads AsiaPAO
17-Aug-1995Aerosol Experts Throw Light on Air PollutionPAO
9-Nov-1995Researchers to Discuss "Hong Kong in Transition"PAO
7-Nov-1995HKUST's Top Graduates Receive AwardsPAO
3-Mar-1995HKUST Names New Dean of EngineeringPAO
24-Feb-1995HKUST Faculty Talk at 5th Education & Career ExpoPAO
15-Aug-1995Opportunities in Mathematics at HKUSTPAO
18-May-1995Prominent Chinese Economist Speaks on China's Economic ReformPAO
15-Jan-1995今天的科技大學 (一九九五年)PAO
26-Apr-1995Alternative Realities Exhibit at HKUST Showcases Australian Artists Working with TechnologyPAO
10-Jul-1995F.6 Students Explore Business Studies at HKUST Summer CampPAO
21-Nov-1995HKUST Holds High-Profile Forum on Telecom FuturePAO
10-Jan-1995HKUST to Host Conference on Computational Fluid DynamicsPAO
31-Oct-1995HKUST Exhibit Celebrates the Artist in Every PersonPAO
Results 1-50 of 396 (Search time: 0.011 seconds).