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3-Dec-1993Distinguished Scholar to Lecture on Natural Disasters at HKUSTPAO
3-May-1993HKUST Organises Workshop on MicroelectronicsPAO
15-Jul-1993Fact Book 1992-1993PCO
17-Jul-1993HK University of Science and Technology Hosts Science CampPAO
23-Apr-1993HKUST Announces New Dean in Humanities and Social SciencePAO
15-Feb-1993HKUST Seminars in Education ExpoPAO
14-Apr-1993Rubbings of Chinese Inscriptions : An Exhibit at the Library of the Hong Kong University of Science & TechnologyPAO
18-Jun-1993Distinguished Accounting Scholars Lecture at HKUSTPAO
21-Apr-1993The William Mong Semiconductor Clusters Laboratory Established at HKUSTPAO
4-Jan-1993Symposium on Folk Documents and the South China StudiesPAO
12-May-1993Professor Chia-wei Woo to Inaugurate the First Executive Committee of HKUST's Student UnionPAO
31-May-1993HKUST Lecturer Selected for William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation AwardPAO
29-Jun-1993HKUST Offers Distinguished Public Lectures on AccountingPAO
4-Nov-1993The Institute for Environmental Studies Is Established at HKUSTPAO
1-Mar-1993Environmental Symposium Brings Satellite Remote Sensing Experts to Hong KongPAO
18-Jun-1993Executive Development Programme for Hainan Senior Government OfficialsPAO
11-Nov-1993Prof M. Tseng to Lead Industrial Engineering at HKUSTPAO
21-Oct-1993First CongregationPAO
18-Oct-1993The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presents it First CongregationPAO
14-Aug-1993Prof Gary W. Heinke Appointed Director of Institute for Environmental Studies at HKUSTPAO
6-Aug-1993Free Lecture to Allay Landslide FearsPAO
15-May-1993Excellence, May 1993ETC
15-Sep-1993Excellence, September 1993ETC
18-Mar-1993Professor Leroy L. Chang Awarded Ballantine MedalPAO
13-Oct-1993The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hosts Major Sculpture and Installation ExhibitionPAO
19-Jan-1993HKUST Organises Polymer Processing CoursePAO
3-Sep-1993International Symposium at HKUST Promotes Ecological Studies of Mangrove ForestsPAO
22-Oct-1993University Open DaysPAO
26-Apr-1993Prof. Chang of HKUST Explains How the Lung WorksPAO
20-Dec-1993HKUST to Hold Audit Workshop on TQMPAO
22-Oct-1993HKUST a Partner in $118M PADS Wind Shear ProjectPAO
29-Sep-1993HK University of Science and Technology Presents First Forum on Information Technology ManagementPAO
18-May-1993HKUST Computer Project Receives Award from DECPAO
28-Jul-1993Regional Conference on Financial Markets to Be Presented at HKUSTPAO
11-Jun-1993Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition to be Staged at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
21-May-1993HKUST Present Seminar on 17th CenturyPAO
12-Oct-1993Internet: An Indispensable Research Tool at HKUSTPAO
9-Dec-1993Free Lecture on the Use of Computers in Aircraft DesignPAO
5-Aug-1993Lung Disease Preventive Apparatus To Be Exhibited in ShatinPAO
6-Apr-1993T.K. Ng of HKUST Receives Honourable Mention in "Achievement in Asia Award 1993"PAO
16-Jul-1993Prof Tian Yow Tsong Appointed Director of Biotechnology Research InstitutePAO
29-Mar-1993Dr Yuk Shan WONG Appointed Associate Director of HKUST's Research CenterPAO
20-Sep-1993HKUST Admits First Batch of Chemical Engineering Undergraduates in Hong KongPAO
23-Jul-1993Distinguished Scholar to Lecture on Accounting at HKUSTPAO
9-Feb-1993Citibank Donates HK$7.5M to HKUSTPAO
11-Nov-1993Mr Chow Yei Ching Donation Presentation CeremonyPAO
26-Oct-1993HKUST Offers Advanced Computer Networking Services to PublicPAO
23-Feb-1993Gareth Thomas Appointed Director of HKUST's Technology Transfer CentrePAO
31-Mar-1993HKUST Visitors Car ParkPAO
10-Dec-1993HKUST Seeks to Establish the Office of Archives and Training for Chinese StudiesPAO
Results 1-50 of 336 (Search time: 0.004 seconds).