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Issue DateTitleOffice
15-Mar-2013JOIN UST, Vol 1, 2013URAO
1-Jan-2010Bulletin For Prospective Undergraduate Students = 本科生課程簡介, 2010-2011URAO
1-Jan-2012Bulletin For Prospective Undergraduate Students 2012-2013URAO
1-Jan-2014香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2014URAO
1-Jan-2012香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2012URAO
1-Jan-2015香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2015URAO
1-Jan-2013香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2013URAO
1-Jan-2015Undergraduate Prospectus - International Qualifications 2015/16URAO
1-Jan-2011Bulletin For Prospective Undergraduate Students 2011-2012URAO
1-Jan-2015Undergraduate Prospectus - for JUPAS Applicants 2015/16URAO
1-Jan-2013Undergraduate Prospectus - for JUPAS Applicants 2013/14URAO
1-Jan-2013Undergraduate Prospectus - Local Students with International Qualifications 2013/2014URAO
15-Oct-2012JOIN UST, Issue 3, October 2012URAO
15-Mar-2012JOIN UST, Issue 1, March 2012URAO
15-Jun-2012JOIN UST, Issue 2, June 2012URAO
15-Jul-2013JOIN UST, Vol 2, 2013URAO
1-Jan-2014Undergraduate Prospectus - for Local non-JUPAS Students 2014/2015URAO
1-Jan-2014Undergraduate Prospectus - for JUPAS Applicants 2014/15URAO
1-Jan-2015Undergraduate Prospectus - Local Sub-degrees 2015/16URAO
15-Nov-2016Undergraduate Prospectus 2017URAO
5-Oct-2018Undergraduate Admissions 2019URAO
10-Aug-2017Undergraduate Prospectus 2018URAO
31-Aug-2016Undergraduate Prospectus 2016-17URAO
15-Dec-2018香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2019URAO
8-Oct-2018香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2018URAO
1-Jan-2016香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2016URAO
15-Nov-2015E-newsletter, Issue #2, Fall/Winter 2015URAO
15-Dec-2015E-newsletter, Issue #3, Dec 2015URAO
15-Dec-2015E-newsletter, Issue #4, Dec 2015URAO
15-Nov-2015E-newsletter, Issue #1, Nov 2015URAO
Results 1-30 of 30 (Search time: 0.03 seconds).
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