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16-Jun-2000Managing Knowledge in The Digital Information AgeOUDPA
26-Jul-2000HKUST's Summer English Program Receives International RecognitionOUDPA
24-Nov-2000Social Research Conference Takes Interdisciplinary PerspectivesOUDPA
8-Dec-2000Mapping Air Pollutants Anytime, AnywhereOUDPA
16-Mar-2000HKUST Computational Mathematician Leads 973 IT ProjectOUDPA
30-Oct-2000HKUST College of Lifelong Learning Launches Its First Online Executive Certificate Program in EBusinessOUDPA
4-May-2000HKUST Plans to Introduce Java-Based Open Platform Campus Smart CardOUDPA
18-Sep-2000HKUST and GERON Collaborate on Drug DiscoveryOUDPA
15-May-2000HKUST Appoints Committee to Search New PresidentOUDPA
8-Nov-2000Eighth CongregationOUDPA
31-Oct-2000HKUST Eighth CongregationOUDPA
22-Sep-2000HKUST StatementOUDPA
7-Dec-2000Environment Focus at HK-France Conference New Technologies for Air, Waste and WaterOUDPA
27-Apr-2000HKUST Biochemist Awarded HFSP Research GrantsOUDPA
10-Oct-2000Top Science Teachers HonoredOUDPA
4-Jan-2000HKUST to Hold Computer Forensic Workshop for Public OfficersOUDPA
3-Nov-2000Prof Kang L. Wang as New Engineering DeanOUDPA
31-Mar-2000HKUST Launches Statement on Mission, Vision, and ObjectivesOUDPA
27-Apr-2000President Chia-Wei Woo ResignsOUDPA
11-Jan-2000Young HKUST Biochemist Awarded Research Funding from National Natural Science FoundationOUDPA
16-May-2000HKUST Information Technology Program Helps Produce Better Fitting GarmentsOUDPA
20-Nov-2000HKUST Council Announces Appointment of New PresidentOUDPA
20-Nov-2000HKUST Expert List 2000OUDPA
8-Mar-2000HKUST Launches E-Commerce Website for Small and Medium EnterprisesOUDPA
30-May-2000Academia and Industry Join Forces to Improve Indoor Air qualityOUDPA
10-Oct-2000HKUST Joins China Hi-Tech Fair 2000OUDPA
11-Jul-2000Secondary Students Learn New Physics at HKUSTOUDPA
15-Feb-2000HKUST to Offer New Master of Technology Management ProgramOUDPA
14-Mar-2000Collaborative Research Wins HKUST Three GrantsOUDPA
13-Jun-2000HKUST Set New World Standard for Multimedia CommunicationsOUDPA
29-Sep-2000In Memoriam Dr Kristy O. CuaOUDPA
2-Mar-2000HKUST Wins Lion's Share of Government Grants for Cooperative Research CentersOUDPA
22-Jun-2000HKUST Develops First Open and Secure Infrastructure for Mobile e-commerceOUDPA
19-Sep-2000HKUST Holds 2000 Student Outreach DayOUDPA
2-Nov-2000HKUST Develops the World's Smallest Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesOUDPA
2-Nov-2000German Artist Karla Gaenssler Solo Show at HKUSTOUDPA
17-Feb-2000HKUST Inaugurates Entrepreneurship Center to Promote Technology Commercialization and Business DevelopmentOUDPA
13-Oct-2000Global Supply Chain Forum at HKUSTOUDPA
7-Jun-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 5OUDPA
3-May-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 4OUDPA
1-Mar-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 2OUDPA
6-Dec-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 11OUDPA
4-Oct-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 9OUDPA
15-Jun-2000Alumni News = 香港科技大學校友通訊, Summer 2000, No. 6OUDPA
15-Sep-2000Alumni News = 香港科技大學校友通訊, Autumn 2000, No. 7OUDPA
15-Mar-2000Alumni News = 香港科技大學校友通訊, Spring 2000, No. 5OUDPA
1-Nov-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 10OUDPA
5-Apr-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 3OUDPA
5-Jul-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 6OUDPA
6-Sep-2000HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 11, Number 8OUDPA
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