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1-Feb-2021Notes From The Library, Issue No. 119LIB
7-Apr-2021Notes From The Library, Issue No. 120LIB
19-Apr-2021Prof. Lionel NI appointed as Founding President of HKUST(GZ)PAO
30-Apr-2021SENG News, Issue 26DENG
27-May-2021Safetywise, May 2021HSEO
2-Jun-2022科大研究人員利用年齡資格特性 成功在數據不足的情況下測量疫苗有效率PAO
2-Jun-2022HKUST Researchers Devise Age-Based Eligibility Method to Measure Vaccine Effectiveness in Data-Deficient ScenariosPAO
29-Nov-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 021, 2021DSCI
13-Jun-2022香港科技大學 - 香港生產力促進局工業人工智能與機器人聯合研究中心正式成立 推動培育智能及先進製造工業的創科人才PAO
13-Jun-2022HKUST and HKPC Launch Joint Research Lab for Industrial AI and Robotics Fostering Intelligent & Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial I&T Talent DevelopmentPAO
10-Jun-2022科大與港鐵成立智慧社區實驗室 攜手研發創新方案 便利市民生活及出行PAO
10-Jun-2022HKUST and MTR Establish a Joint Research Laboratory to Join Hands in Exploring Innovative Solutions to Bring Convenience to the Public in Daily Life and TravellingPAO
15-Jul-2020Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies 2020-21FYTGS
15-Jul-2021Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies 2021-22FYTGS
15-Jul-2020Handbook for Taught Postgraduate Studies 2020-21FYTGS
15-Jul-2021Handbook for Taught Postgraduate Studies 2021-22FYTGS
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Business and ManagementPAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of SciencePAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - University-wide Degree ConfermentPAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Doctor of PhilosophyPAO
5-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of EngineeringPAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Interdisciplinary Programs OfficePAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Humanities and Social SciencePAO
11-May-2022HKUST Pushes Forward Research on Early Diagnostics and Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative DiseasesPAO
6-May-2022HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY Honored by French GovernmentPAO
3-May-2021Mynah: An Assistive Tool for the Speech ImpairedDST
1-Sep-2021MTPC News - Issue 3MTPC
23-Feb-2022科大與應科院簽署合作備忘錄 結合知識產權及科研實力 共同開展新研發 促進技術商品化PAO
23-Feb-2022HKUST and ASTRI sign MoU on Joint R&D and Technology Commercialisation Leveraging Intellectual Properties and Combining Research StrengthsPAO
1-Sep-2020MTPC News - Issue 2MTPC
1-Mar-2020MTPC News - Issue 1MTPC
26-Aug-2021科大與科技園公司簽署合作備忘錄 共同激發大灣區的創科增長機遇PAO
27-Sep-2021香港科技大學與香港特區政府展開合作 解決大灣區臭氧污染問題PAO
26-Aug-2021HKUST Signs MoU with HKSTP to Spark I&T Growth Opportunities in GBAPAO
26-Sep-2021香港科技大學與 Facebook 合作培育新一代數碼人才PAO
16-Aug-2021HKUST Scientists Develop Genome-editing Strategy for Potential Alzheimer's Disease TherapyPAO
29-Sep-2021HKUST Co-led Study Suggests Future Prosperity in China is Unlikely to be Hindered by Population AgingPAO
28-Sep-2021HKUST Professor Wins UGC Teaching Award 2021PAO
26-Sep-2021HKUST Collaborates with HKSAR Government on Solving Regional Ozone Pollution in Greater Bay AreaPAO
17-Sep-2021HKUST Announces Appointment of Prof. Tim CHENG as Vice-President for Research and DevelopmentPAO
27-Sep-2021HKUST Partners with Facebook to Empower Next Generation of Digital TalentsPAO
20-Sep-2021HKUST Launches Hong Kong's First Sustainable and Green Finance ProgramPAO
Results 101-150 of 388 (Search time: 0.012 seconds).

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