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20-Sep-2021HKUST Launches Hong Kong's First Sustainable and Green Finance ProgramPAO
12-Oct-2021HKUST Confers Honorary Fellowships on Five Distinguished IndividualsPAO
14-Oct-2021科大研究顯示珠江口水域矽藻數量上升 為未來有關紅潮/藻華影響的研究奠定重要基礎PAO
25-Oct-2021HKUST Builds Green Living Hub for StudentsPAO
14-Oct-2021HKUST Research Shows Growing Dominance of Diatom Algae in the Pearl River Estuary Paving the Way for Future Study on Diatom BloomsPAO
26-Nov-2021香港科技大學第二十九屆學位頒授典禮 頒授榮譽博士予六位傑出學者及社會領袖PAO
17-Nov-2021科大逸夫演藝中心開幕 透過藝術和文化推廣多元PAO
3-Nov-2021科大教授榮獲國家自然科學獎 協助基建、斜坡等工程應對氣候變化挑戰PAO
26-Nov-2021HKUST Holds 29th Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctorates on Six Distinguished Academics and Community LeadersPAO
17-Nov-2021Opening of HKUST's Shaw Auditorium to Promote Diversity through Arts and CulturePAO
24-Nov-2021Personalized Real-time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK)PAO
18-Nov-2021HKUST Receives HK$100 Million Donation from Yuexiu in Support of University’s Academic and Research WorkPAO
3-Nov-2021HKUST Faculty Wins State Science AwardPAO
9-Nov-2021President Wei SHYY to Step Down from His Position in October 2022PAO
5-Nov-2021HKUST Welcomes Appointments of Council Vice-Chairman, University Treasurer and New Council MemberPAO
16-Dec-2021Results Announcement for 2021 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards co-organized by HKUSTPAO
20-Dec-2021HKUST Establishes New Sustainability/Net-Zero OfficePAO
30-Nov-2021HKUST Establishes Asia’s first Transnational R&D Consortium on AI Chip DesignPAO
29-Nov-2021HKUST Pioneers with HKEX in Sustainable Finance EducationPAO
14-Dec-2021HKUST Presents Long Service Awards 2020 and 2021PAO
1-Feb-2021Thought Leadership Brief, Spring 2021, no. 48IEMS
5-Feb-2021Thought Leadership Brief, Spring 2021, no. 49IEMS
25-Jan-2021Thought Leadership Brief, Spring 2021, no. 47IEMS
18-Jan-2021Thought Leadership Brief, January 2021, no. 46IEMS
15-Jul-2021Biz@HKUST, Summer 2021 (Issue 65)DBM
14-Jan-2021Biz@HKUST, Spring 2021 (Issue 64)DBM
15-Dec-2021Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Proceedings 2020-21DST
15-Jul-2021The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Academic Calendar 2021-2022ARO
1-May-2021RMBI Newsletter = 風險薈訊, Issue 19 (May 2021)RMBI
17-Jun-2021科大獲周大福慈善基金捐贈港幣一億元 並獲鄭志剛主持科大「鄭家純機器人研究所」命名禮PAO
8-Jun-2021科大聯同北京天壇醫院研究人員發現引致腦海綿狀血管瘤的新元兇 為非入侵性診斷及治療奠定重要基礎PAO
17-Jun-2021HKUST Receives HK$100 Million from Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation Dr. Adrian CHENG Officiates at the Naming Ceremony of the HKUST “Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute”PAO
5-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 019, 2021DSCI
7-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 020, 2021DSCI
28-Jun-2021科大研發簡單血液測試 及早檢測阿爾茲海默症PAO
28-Jun-2021HKUST Scientists Develop Simple Blood Test for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s DiseasePAO
28-Mar-2021HKUST Develops More Efficient Disinfection Method with Ultraviolet LEDPAO
15-Aug-2021HKUST Sustainability Report 2019-20HSEO
Results 51-100 of 131 (Search time: 0.05 seconds).