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15-Apr-2020IEMS Newsletter, Spring 2020IEMS
15-May-2020Science Focus = 科言, Issue 017, 2020DSCI
17-Mar-2020HKUST Sustainability Newsletter, 17 March 2020HSEO
5-Aug-2020HKUST Researchers Uncover Chemo-resistance Mechanism in Glioma PatientsPAO
12-Jul-2020科大研究發現內地封城有助改善空氣污染 預計推遲2.4至3.6萬宗早死個案PAO
7-Jul-2020科大研究團隊破解重要的分子機制 為癌症藥物開拓新方向PAO
10-Aug-2020HKUST Holds Fifth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty MembersPAO
12-Jul-2020HKUST Study Finds City Lockdown Improves Air Quality May Delay 24,000 – 36,000 Early Death CasesPAO
9-Jun-2020HKUST Scientists Develop World's First Spherical Artificial Eye with 3D RetinaPAO
7-Jul-2020Researchers Uncover Novel Molecular Mechanism Shedding light on Drug Design for Cancer treatmentPAO
8-Jun-2020Hong Kong’s First Fintech Manpower Study Identifies 13 Most Needed CompetenciesPAO
27-May-2020HKUST Becomes the First University in Asia-Pacific Associated with EY Tax LabPAO
13-Jul-2020HKUST Confers Honorary Doctoral Degrees and Fellowships on Distinguished IndividualsPAO
21-Jul-2020科大與廣州地鐵簽署合作協議 聯合培養智能交通人才PAO
21-Jul-2020HKUST Signs Cooperative Agreement with Guangzhou Metro to Nurture Talents in Intelligent TransportationPAO
27-Jul-2020科大-信和百萬獎金創業大賽2020 實踐科技創新創業理念PAO
27-Jul-2020HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 Puts Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship into PracticePAO
3-Apr-2020ISO Newsletter, Issue No. 1ISO
26-Aug-2020HKUST Launches the Largest-Scale Solar Power System in Hong KongPAO
15-Jul-2020Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies 2020-21FYTGS
15-Jul-2020Handbook for Taught Postgraduate Studies 2020-21FYTGS
1-Sep-2020MTPC News - Issue 2MTPC
1-Mar-2020MTPC News - Issue 1MTPC
8-Dec-2020Thought Leadership Brief, December 2020, no. 45IEMS
6-Nov-2020Thought Leadership Brief, November 2020, no. 44IEMS
19-Oct-2020Thought Leadership Brief, September 2020, no. 43IEMS
1-Oct-2020RMBI Newsletter = 風險薈訊, Issue 18 (July 2020)RMBI
7-Sep-2020Notes From The Library, Issue No. 117LIB
17-Sep-2020Undergraduate Admissions 2020URAO
17-Sep-2020香港科技大學 內地本科招生簡介 2020URAO
11-Feb-2020Annual Report, 2019 - 2020PAO
29-Apr-2020SENG News, Issue 23DENG
25-Mar-2020Biz@HKUST, 2020 春季 (Issue 62)DBM
25-Mar-2020Biz@HKUST, Spring 2020 (Issue 62)DBM
15-Jan-2020Thought Leadership Brief, January 2020, no. 36IEMS
14-Feb-2020Notes From The Library, Issue No. 115LIB
22-Jun-2020HKUST Launches First e-Verified Certification Platform in Hong KongPAO
11-Mar-2020科大研發新型智能殺菌塗層 助對抗新型冠狀病毒疫情PAO
11-Mar-2020HKUST Develops New Smart Anti-Microbial Coating in the Fight Against COVID-19PAO
6-Feb-2020科大研究團隊研製全球最快新型冠狀肺炎檢測儀 40分鐘內確診病毒PAO
19-Mar-2020HKUST Researchers Develop Smart Geo-fencing Technology for Home Quarantine amid COVID-19 PandemicPAO
27-Feb-2020HKUST Scientists Shed Light on COVID-19 Vaccine DevelopmentPAO
Results 51-100 of 112 (Search time: 0.013 seconds).