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14-Dec-2021HKUST Presents Long Service Awards 2020 and 2021PAO
3-Mar-2022科大加強精英學生運動員入學計劃 取錄奧運獎牌得主蘇慧音PAO
7-Mar-2022科大推出首個線上海洋環境影像化平台 促進海洋科研與保育PAO
7-Mar-2022HKUST Launches First Online Marine Environmental Visualization Platform Facilitating Marine Research and ConservationPAO
3-Mar-2022HKUST Admits Olympic Medalist Minnie SOO Through Enhanced Admission Scheme for Top AthletesPAO
28-Jun-2022科大-信和百萬獎金創業大賽2022 以創意應對身心健康、環境安全等議題PAO
28-Jun-2022HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 Tackles Health and Environmental Safety Issues with InnovationPAO
23-Jun-2022HKUST Receives HK$100 Million from The Tung Foundation in Support of HKUST2.0PAO
10-Dec-2022科大氣候適應及復原力大會(CARE2022)檢視香港適應氣候政策與舉措 共謀對策減氣候危機PAO
10-Dec-2022HKUST CARE 2022 Creates Opportunity of Stocktaking Policy and Measures on Hong Kong's Climate Adaptation and ResiliencePAO
12-Dec-20222022年科大氣候適應及復原力大會 政經領袖研討香港氣候政策與綠色金融發展PAO
15-Dec-2022科大教授獲選IEEE院士及成為IEEE通訊學會Edwin Howard Armstrong成就獎首位香港得主PAO
12-Dec-2022HKUST CARE2022 Features High-Level Deliberation on Policy and Green FinancePAO
12-Dec-2022Two HKUST Distinguished Scholars Receive Croucher Tak Wah Mak Innovation Awards and Croucher Senior Research Fellowships 2022PAO
15-Dec-2022HKUST Scholars Named IEEE Fellows and Became First in Hong Kong to Receive IEEE Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement AwardPAO
28-Dec-2022科大公布綠色和可持續金融研究 提出人才發展路向PAO
28-Dec-2022HKUST Study Outlines Blueprint for Green and Sustainable Finance Talent DevelopmentPAO
21-Dec-2022科大推出本港大學首項新環境、社會與管治(ESG)投資策略 進一步推動零碳排放PAO
21-Dec-2022HKUST the First to Launch New ESG Investment Policy for its Net-Zero Carbon GoalPAO
24-Mar-2023科大公佈合規科技研究 就強化行業發展提出多項建議PAO
22-Mar-2023科大獲非凡集團捐款二千萬 支持大學吸引一流科研人才PAO
24-Mar-2023HKUST's In-depth Study Shows Pathways to Strengthening Hong Kong?s Regtech CapabilitiesPAO
22-Mar-2023Viva Group Donates HK$20 Million to HKUST's '30 for 30' Talent Acquisition CampaignPAO
26-Nov-2022Thirtieth Congregation - University-wide Degree ConfermentPAO
3-Dec-2022Thirtieth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Business and ManagementPAO
5-Dec-2022Thirtieth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of SciencePAO
2-Dec-2022Thirtieth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Interdisciplinary Programs OfficePAO
2-Dec-2022Thirtieth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Humanities and Social SciencePAO
26-Nov-2022Installation of President Professor Nancy IpPAO
2-Feb-2023HKUST Breakthrough Identifies Rare Tumor Cell “Spies” Shedding Light on Previously Hidden Cancer FeaturesPAO
1-Dec-2022Thirtieth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of EngineeringPAO
23-Feb-2023香港科技大學頒發第五屆傑出服務獎 表揚傑出非教學人員PAO
23-Feb-2023HKUST Honors Outstanding Non-academic Staff MembersPAO
24-Feb-2023科大與無錫經開區簽署合作意向書 建立錫港協同創新中心推動科技創新PAO
22-Feb-2023HKUST Welcomes The 2023-2024 BudgetPAO
24-Feb-2023HKUST and Wuxi EDZ to Establish Wuxi-Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Center to Promote Innovation and TechnologyPAO
31-Mar-2023科大推出校歌 以歌聲凝聚大學社群PAO
19-Apr-2023「科大 - 信和百萬獎金創業大賽2023」參賽項目創紀錄PAO
19-Apr-2023The HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2023 was Well-received with Record High Entries Newly introduced ESG Award encourages sustainable development initiativesPAO
31-Mar-2023Let's Lift Our Voices As One: HKUST Unveils its Official University AnthemPAO
29-Apr-2023HKUST Sweeps 20 awards at 48th International Exhibition of Inventions GenevaPAO
19-Jan-2021科大夥拍恒隆地產舉辦恒隆數學獎 第九屆獎項現正接受報名 為香港培育未來人才PAO
19-Jan-2021HKUST Collaborates with Hang Lung to Foster Young Mathematics Talent 2021 Hang Lung Mathematics Awards are now Open for RegistrationPAO
26-Jan-2021Twenty-eighth Congregation - Session 6-11PAO
26-Jan-2021Twenty-eighth Congregation - Session 1-5PAO
Results 201-250 of 298 (Search time: 0.043 seconds).

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