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24-Oct-2022HKUST Survey: Over Half of HongKongers Likely to Use e-Hong Kong DollarsPAO
11-Jul-2022香港科技大學及港大醫學院聯合研究證明廣譜中和抗體 可保護敘利亞倉鼠免受SARS-CoV-2 Omicron變異株感染PAO
11-Jul-2022HKUST & HKUMed Joint Study Reports Broadly Neutralizing Antibody That Protects Syrian Hamsters against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron VariantsPAO
6-Jul-2022HKUST Announces Flexible Admissions Arrangement for 2022 JUPAS CandidatesPAO
19-Jul-2022HKUST Holds Conversation with National Winter Olympic TeamPAO
28-Jul-2022HKUST to Launch World’s First Twin Campuses in MetaversePAO
18-Oct-2022香港科技大學獲金氏家族慷慨捐贈 推動亞洲家族企業及家族辦公室研究PAO
17-Oct-2022凱洛格 ─ 科大KH EMBA第十一度位列全球第一 穩佔國際領導地位PAO
24-Sep-2020HKUST Researchers Developed the World's First Sound-transmitting Glass MaterialPAO
5-Aug-2020HKUST Researchers Uncover Chemo-resistance Mechanism in Glioma PatientsPAO
12-Jul-2020科大研究發現內地封城有助改善空氣污染 預計推遲2.4至3.6萬宗早死個案PAO
7-Jul-2020科大研究團隊破解重要的分子機制 為癌症藥物開拓新方向PAO
10-Aug-2020HKUST Holds Fifth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty MembersPAO
12-Jul-2020HKUST Study Finds City Lockdown Improves Air Quality May Delay 24,000 – 36,000 Early Death CasesPAO
9-Jun-2020HKUST Scientists Develop World's First Spherical Artificial Eye with 3D RetinaPAO
7-Jul-2020Researchers Uncover Novel Molecular Mechanism Shedding light on Drug Design for Cancer treatmentPAO
8-Jun-2020Hong Kong’s First Fintech Manpower Study Identifies 13 Most Needed CompetenciesPAO
27-May-2020HKUST Becomes the First University in Asia-Pacific Associated with EY Tax LabPAO
13-Jul-2020HKUST Confers Honorary Doctoral Degrees and Fellowships on Distinguished IndividualsPAO
21-Jul-2020科大與廣州地鐵簽署合作協議 聯合培養智能交通人才PAO
21-Jul-2020HKUST Signs Cooperative Agreement with Guangzhou Metro to Nurture Talents in Intelligent TransportationPAO
27-Jul-2020科大-信和百萬獎金創業大賽2020 實踐科技創新創業理念PAO
27-Jul-2020HKUST-Sino One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 Puts Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship into PracticePAO
26-Aug-2020HKUST Launches the Largest-Scale Solar Power System in Hong KongPAO
2-Jun-2022科大研究人員利用年齡資格特性 成功在數據不足的情況下測量疫苗有效率PAO
2-Jun-2022HKUST Researchers Devise Age-Based Eligibility Method to Measure Vaccine Effectiveness in Data-Deficient ScenariosPAO
13-Jun-2022香港科技大學 - 香港生產力促進局工業人工智能與機器人聯合研究中心正式成立 推動培育智能及先進製造工業的創科人才PAO
13-Jun-2022HKUST and HKPC Launch Joint Research Lab for Industrial AI and Robotics Fostering Intelligent & Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial I&T Talent DevelopmentPAO
10-Jun-2022科大與港鐵成立智慧社區實驗室 攜手研發創新方案 便利市民生活及出行PAO
10-Jun-2022HKUST and MTR Establish a Joint Research Laboratory to Join Hands in Exploring Innovative Solutions to Bring Convenience to the Public in Daily Life and TravellingPAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of Business and ManagementPAO
27-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of SciencePAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - University-wide Degree ConfermentPAO
26-Nov-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Doctor of PhilosophyPAO
5-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - School of EngineeringPAO
4-Dec-2021Twenty-ninth Congregation - Graduation Ceremony - Interdisciplinary Programs OfficePAO
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