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3-Nov-2022HKUST and Bright Dream Robotics Sign Licensing Agreement of Five TechnologiesPAO
7-Nov-2022從實驗室走向市場 科大業界交流日展示豐碩科研成果 拓展校企合作PAO
7-Nov-2022From Lab to Market: HKUST Showcases Innovations and Venture Collaboration at Industry Engagement DayPAO
29-Apr-2022VaxPass: Decentralized Two-Tier Verifiable Blockchain Platform for COVID-19 Certificate VerificationDST
26-Apr-2022Cnails: Cloud IDE tailor for UST Programming CoursesDST
3-May-2022Development of a Smartphone-based Microscope for Histological Analysis of Biological SamplesDST
18-Nov-2022科大與華潤科學技術研究院簽署合作備忘錄 聚焦分子神經、可持續發展和微電子科學PAO
18-Nov-2022HKUST and China Resources Research Institute of Science and Technology Forge Collaboration on Molecular Neuroscience, Sustainable Development and MicroelectronicsPAO
10-Nov-2022HKUST Stages Groundbreaking Ceremony for Martin Ka Shing Lee Innovation BuildingPAO
10-Nov-2022Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2022FO
15-Nov-2022Science Focus = 科言, Issue 023, 2022DSCI
1-Nov-2022Notes From The Library, Issue No. 126LIB
22-Nov-2022科大研究人員發現合成信使核糖核酸(mRNA)新方式 提高mRNA治療方案及疫苗成效PAO
22-Nov-2022HKUST Researchers Discover New Way to Synthesize mRNAs Enhancing Effectiveness of mRNA Drugs and VaccinesPAO
4-Jul-2022科大研發全球最耐久的氫燃料電池 有助推動綠色能源普及化PAO
4-Jul-2022HKUST Develops World’s Most Durable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Paving Way For Wider Application of Green EnergyPAO
1-Jul-2022President Xi Visits HKUST’s Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative DiseasesPAO
29-Jun-2022香港科技大學(廣州)正式設立 今年9月開學 致力建設全球首家融合學科大學 深度服務大灣區建設 促進內地與香港教育融合發展PAO
29-Jun-2022HKUST(GZ) Formally Established Opening in September 2022 to Build the World’s First Cross-Disciplinary University Driving the Development of Greater Bay Area and Educational Collaboration between Hong Kong and MainlandPAO
15-Jul-2022Academic Regulations Governing UG Studies, 2022-23ARO
29-Nov-2022科大與英國南安普敦大學加強合作 開辦全港首個環球海洋資源管理雙學位課程PAO
26-Nov-2022HKUST Installs First Woman President Prof. Nancy Ip at 30th CongregationPAO
29-Nov-2022HKUST Strengthens Collaboration with the University of Southampton to Launch Hong Kong's first Dual Degree Program in Global Marine Resources ManagementPAO
1-Jun-2022HKUST Alumni, Summer 2022DAO
30-Nov-2022香港科技大學與可持續科技學院簽署諒解備忘錄 共同推進可持續發展教育與科技PAO
30-Nov-2022HKUST and The Institute of Sustainability and Technology sign Memorandum of Understanding to empower sustainable solutions through education and technologyPAO
17-Jun-2021科大獲周大福慈善基金捐贈港幣一億元 並獲鄭志剛主持科大「鄭家純機器人研究所」命名禮PAO
8-Jun-2021科大聯同北京天壇醫院研究人員發現引致腦海綿狀血管瘤的新元兇 為非入侵性診斷及治療奠定重要基礎PAO
17-Jun-2021HKUST Receives HK$100 Million from Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation Dr. Adrian CHENG Officiates at the Naming Ceremony of the HKUST “Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute”PAO
5-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 019, 2021DSCI
7-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 020, 2021DSCI
28-Jun-2021科大研發簡單血液測試 及早檢測阿爾茲海默症PAO
28-Jun-2021HKUST Scientists Develop Simple Blood Test for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s DiseasePAO
25-Jul-2020Thought Leadership Brief, July 2020, no. 39IEMS
21-Jul-2020Thought Leadership Brief, July 2020, no. 40IEMS
25-May-2020Thought Leadership Brief, May 2020, no. 38IEMS
7-Sep-2020Thought Leadership Brief, September 2020, no. 41IEMS
19-Oct-2020Thought Leadership Brief, September 2020, no. 42IEMS
25-Feb-2020Thought Leadership Brief, February 2020, no. 37IEMS
28-Mar-2021HKUST Develops More Efficient Disinfection Method with Ultraviolet LEDPAO
15-Aug-2021HKUST Sustainability Report 2019-20HSEO
15-Aug-2020HKUST Sustainability Report 2018-19HSEO
3-May-2021Towards the Continuous Manufacture of Personalized LipsticksDST
29-Apr-2020Safetywise, April 2020HSEO
15-Oct-2020School of Humanities and Social Science Annual Newsletter 2020, Issue 3DHSS
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