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28-Nov-2016Soil: An Ambiguous MaterialIAS
12-Dec-2016Gateways to Emergent Behavior in Science and SocietyIAS
19-Apr-2016文學・空間・記憶: 2016年4月19日IAS; DHSS; HUMA
22-Aug-2016Entwined Destinies: America and China and the History of the PresentIAS
13-Oct-2016Redefining the Spatiotemporal Limits of Optical Imaging: Photoacoustic Tomography, Wavefront Engineering, and Compressed Ultrafast PhotographyIAS
23-Sep-2016Quantum Leap: From Chinese Legend to Philosophy, to Information TechnologiesIAS
21-Sep-2016Social Networks for GoodIAS; DBM; DHSS; DSCI
26-Oct-2016Plasmonics: From Noble Metals to SustainabilityIAS
15-Apr-2016Are Insulin Hypersecretion and Food Additives a Cause of Obesity and Diabetes?IAS
2-Nov-2016Transforming Molecular Motion into Mechanical Work: 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Smallest Prototypical RoboticsIAS; DSCI
26-Oct-2016Quantum Plasmonics and Hot Carrier Induced ProcessesIAS
24-Oct-2016文學的順變與守恆IAS; DHSS; HUMA
20-Dec-2016Advanced Energy Storage Systems for Enabling Electrification of VehiclesIAS
27-May-2016Energy Transduction in Biomolecular MachinesIAS
1-Oct-2016The HKUST Career Guide 2017SAO
15-Jun-2016Research@HKUST 2016VPRGO
1-Jul-2016Wings OBook 2016-2017 = 振翅迎新特刊 - 科大生存指南SU
29-Nov-2016對話《紅樓夢》IAS; DHSS; HUMA
22-Nov-2016寫作者的視野IAS; DHSS; HUMA
15-Oct-2016RMBI Newsletter = 風險薈訊, Issue 11 (October 2016)RMBI
3-Aug-2016Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies 2016-17PGSO
3-Aug-2016Handbook for Taught Postgraduate Studies 2016-17PGSO
Results 251-272 of 272 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).