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17-Nov-2016Twenty-fourth CongregationPAO
15-Dec-2016年報, 2015 - 2016PAO
7-Nov-2016HKUST Receives Donation from Bright Future Charitable Foundation to Establish Academy for Bright Future Young EngineersPAO
15-Oct-2016HKUST Facts and Figures 2016 (As at Jul 2016)PAO
17-Nov-2016HKUST Graduates Move Up to 13th Worldwide, Top Greater China In Global Employability University Ranking 2016PAO
15-Jul-2016HKUST Facts and Figures 2016 (As at Jan 2016)PAO
18-Dec-2016HKUST Researchers Develop Novel Audio Technology and Sales Model that Bring More Affordable and Better-performed Hearing AidsPAO
22-Dec-2016微軟人工智能及研究部執行副總裁沈向洋博士 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」剖析人工智能的未來PAO
22-Dec-2016Microsoft's Executive Vice President for Artifcial Intelligence and Research Dr Harry Shum Speaks on Artifcial Intelligence at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
22-Aug-2016HKUST Develops Tiny Lasers that Opens New Era for Light-based ComputingPAO
18-Aug-2016HKUST School of Engineering Holds its First Entrepreneurship Camp for Secondary School StudentsPAO
30-Aug-2016香港科技大學HeadStart卓越領先計劃 透過早期職場體驗及職業發展指導 提升新生競爭力PAO
30-Aug-2016“HeadStart@HKUST Program” Brushes Up Freshmen’s Competitiveness With Early Workplace Immersion and Career Development GuidancePAO
31-Aug-2016香港科技大學科硏人員發現大腦疾病新機制 或有助開發新療法PAO
31-Aug-2016HKUST Researchers Find Possible Mechanisms of Human Brain Disorders That May Shed Light on New TreatmentsPAO
13-Sep-2016HKUST Receives Donation of HK$2million from Alumnus Yeung Wing Yee to Fund for Startups at Early StagePAO
20-Sep-2016HKUST Builds Frameworks to Boost Development of Mobile Applications on Augmented RealityPAO
22-Sep-2016安永全球稅務副主席傑伊·尼布 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」 分享影響未來職業發展的顛覆性力量PAO
22-Sep-2016EY Global Vice Chair - Tax Jay Nibbe Shares Insights on the Disruptive Forces that will Shape Our Careers in the Future at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
27-Sep-2016Fosun Vice-Chairman and CEO Mr Xinjun Liang Shares the Group's Investment Philosophy and Entrepreneurial Spirit at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
15-Mar-2016HKUST Corporate Booklet [As at Jan 2016]PAO
27-Sep-2016復星集團副董事長、首席執行官梁信軍先生 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」分享 復星投資哲學及企業家精神PAO
29-Sep-2016科大BizInsight@HKUST 研討會 邀請諾貝爾獎得主克里斯托弗•皮薩里德斯教授探討脫歐影響PAO
29-Sep-2016BizInsight@HKUST Seminar Features Nobel Laureate Prof Sir Christopher Pissarides on Brexit ImpactPAO
4-Jul-2016HKUST Signs Agreements with Four Leading Universities to Foster Student ExchangePAO
1-Aug-2016HKUST Finds a New Material System that Opens a New Era for Organic Solar CellsPAO
23-Jun-2016HKUST and Caltech Launch Visiting Associates ProgramPAO
15-Jul-2016香港科技大學 [截至2016年1月] [簡体]PAO
15-Jul-2016香港科技大學 [截至2016年1月] [繁体]PAO
15-Sep-2016香港科技大學 [截至2016年7月] [簡体]PAO
15-Sep-2016香港科技大學 [截至2016年7月] [繁体]PAO
15-Jul-2016The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [As at Jan 2016]PAO
15-Sep-2016The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [As at Jul 2016]PAO
13-May-2016著名哈佛大學歷史學家尼爾弗格森於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」 分享給下任美國總統的意見PAO
30-May-2016諾貝爾生理學或醫學獎得主蘭迪·謝克曼博士 於「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」講解大粒子分泌及微RNAPAO
13-May-2016Celebrated Harvard Historian Prof Niall Ferguson Offers Advice to the Next U.S. President at HKUST 25th Anniversary Distinguished Speakers SeriesPAO
4-May-2016HKUST Dean of Science Prof Nancy Ip Elected to the American Academy of Arts and SciencesPAO
12-Apr-2016CRISPR-Cas9基因工程技術發明者埃曼紐爾‧卡彭蒂耶教授 在「科大25周年傑出人士講座系列」探索生物醫學基因治療的新機遇PAO
21-Mar-2016HKUST Announces Appointment of Prof Nancy Y Ip as Vice-President for Research and Graduate StudiesPAO
Results 51-100 of 134 (Search time: 0.019 seconds).