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Issue DateTitleOffice
15-Oct-2005South China Research Resource Station Newsletter = 華南研究資料中心通訊, 第四十一期HUMA
30-May-2003hEGF Offers Novel Treatment for Diabetic Foot UlcersOUDPA
19-Feb-2004Ka Ming Ng Honored as AIChE FellowOUDPA
15-Sep-2005PG Update, Issue 15VPAAO
15-Aug-2005Mathematical Excalibur, Volume 10, Number 3MATH
10-Oct-2005High Impact Achievements Showcased in ChinaOUDPA
15-Dec-2000HKUST Environmental Report 1999-2000SEPO
30-Apr-2004Calendar of Events for April 2004OUDPA
15-Sep-2005Academic Affairs Newsletter, No. 2/05VPAAO
15-Jul-2005South China Research Resource Station Newsletter = 華南研究資料中心通訊, 第四十期HUMA
18-Oct-2005Media Review, No. 28/2005OUDPA
31-Oct-2005Media Review, No. 29/2005OUDPA
15-Dec-2001HKUST Environmental Report 2001 UpdateSEPO
30-Oct-2005HK$100m in New ScholarshipsOUDPA
30-Aug-2005Notes From The Library, Issue No. 57LIB
10-Oct-2005Media Review, No. 27/2005OUDPA
3-Oct-2005Media Review, No. 26/2005OUDPA
24-Oct-2005「Kellogg–科大 EMBA」課程排名躍升全球第二位OUDPA
15-Nov-2005Mathematical Excalibur, Volume 10, Number 4MATH
26-Jul-2000HKUST's Summer English Program Receives International RecognitionOUDPA
24-Nov-2000Social Research Conference Takes Interdisciplinary PerspectivesOUDPA
17-May-2004Teaching Innovators HonoredOUDPA
17-Feb-2003Continuing Success at Chip OlympicsOUDPA
22-Dec-2005Innovative Technologies Enhance Mobile Phone ServicesOUDPA
29-Dec-2005Media Review, No. 36/2005OUDPA
23-Dec-2005Media Review, No. 35/2005OUDPA
15-Dec-2005Media Review, No. 34/2005OUDPA
8-Dec-2000Mapping Air Pollutants Anytime, AnywhereOUDPA
6-Oct-2001HKUST and ED Join Hands to Nurture Gifted StudentsOUDPA
16-Dec-2005Yun-Dong Wu Honored as CAS AcademicianOUDPA
30-Jul-2002"Lab-on-a-Chip": New Technology a Boost for Traditional Chinese MedicineOUDPA
27-Aug-2002K C CHAN Appointed Second Dean of Business and ManagementOUDPA
8-Dec-2005World No 1 in Mech Engineering ResearchOUDPA
11-Nov-2005Chief Executive Celebrates EMBA RankingOUDPA
11-Nov-2005HKUST Celebrates 13th CongregationOUDPA
15-Nov-2004HKUST Business School [SBM] Newsletter (Issue 22)DBM
10-Sep-2004HKU, CUHK and HKUST Collaborate to Establish the Joint Centre for Advanced StudyOUDPA
15-Sep-2004HKUST Genesis = 同創, Volume 15, Number 5 (Dean's List)OUDPA
23-Feb-2005HKUST Research Ranks No. 25 in the WorldOUDPA
31-Dec-2004Calendar of Events for December 2004OUDPA
Results 51-100 of 2232 (Search time: 0.011 seconds).

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