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15-Jul-1996HKUST to Collaborate with Lee Kum Kee Group on Developing Traditional Chinese MedicinesPAO
10-Nov-1999Seventh CongregationOUDPA
21-Nov-1996Fourth CongregationPAO
2-Nov-1995Third CongregationPAO
5-Nov-1998HKUST Scholars Receive Croucher Senior Research FellowshipsPAO
7-Dec-1999Workshop on Air Pollution in the Pearl River DeltaOUDPA
22-Apr-1991HKUST Announces Mathematics AppointmentPAO
14-Mar-1996Report of the Task Force Investigating the 7 March Lab IncidentPAO
11-Sep-1998HKUST Joins Forces with Technical University BerlinPAO
17-Apr-1997New Chemical Society Formed In Hong KongPAO
28-Apr-1994HKUST to Host Computer Science Industry DayPAO
28-Dec-1996HKUST Biology Students Take Green Message to Local SchoolsPAO
20-Oct-1998New Industrial Consortium Looks to Advance Liquid Display TechnologyPAO
3-Jul-1995Scientists Discuss Nanostructured Materials at HKUSTPAO
19-Nov-1997Professor Explains New Advances in Polymer SciencePAO
8-Mar-1996Task Force Appointed by The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyPAO
21-Nov-1994HKUST Engineering Experts to Head ASME Hong Kong ChapterPAO
12-May-1998Globalism and the Politics of PlacePAO
5-May-1992HKUST Receives HK$1.6 Million from Tektronix Inc.PAO
25-Jul-1994Chinese Business Practices to Be Discussed at HKUSTPAO
11-Nov-1993Prof M. Tseng to Lead Industrial Engineering at HKUSTPAO
4-Nov-1994Second CongregationPAO
21-Oct-1993First CongregationPAO
13-Nov-1997Fifth CongregationPAO
14-Sep-1995HKUST Business Undergraduates Join International Exchange ProgrammePAO
15-Dec-1995HKUST Researchers Find Air Pollution Highest in Mong KokPAO
29-Mar-1994HKUST-UCLA Executive ProgrammesPAO
6-Apr-1995HKUST Library Technology Leads AsiaPAO
17-Aug-1995Aerosol Experts Throw Light on Air PollutionPAO
11-Apr-1996Shui On Group Donates $25 Million to HKUST for Center for China Business & ManagementPAO
27-Apr-1994HKUST Accounting Graduates in Great DemandPAO
18-Oct-1993The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presents it First CongregationPAO
9-Nov-1995Researchers to Discuss "Hong Kong in Transition"PAO
8-Jan-1998Symposium On Drug Registration in China and the Asia-Pacific RegionPAO
13-Dec-1999HKUST Holds Talk on Library and New TechnologyOUDPA
25-Apr-1997East Asian Research Universities Meet at HKUST to Explore Collaboration in BiotechnologyPAO
24-Jun-1997HKUST Displays Research Projects at Hi-Tech ExhibitionPAO
14-Aug-1993Prof Gary W. Heinke Appointed Director of Institute for Environmental Studies at HKUSTPAO
23-Jan-1992Fourth Distinguished Lecture in Science to Present Progress in Medical GeneticsPAO
30-Dec-1994World Authority on Heat Transfer Professor Ping Cheng Joins HKUSTPAO
30-Dec-1990The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to Open On TimePAO
6-Aug-1993Free Lecture to Allay Landslide FearsPAO
27-May-1992HKUST Lecture Theatre NamedPAO
18-Jan-1996HKUST's Computer Science Students to Compete with World's BestPAO
15-May-1993Excellence, May 1993ETC
15-Jun-1992Excellence, June 1992ETC
15-Dec-1992Excellence, December 1992ETC
30-Jul-1999HKUST and Zhejiang University Sign Collaborative Research AgreementOUDPA
15-Sep-1993Excellence, September 1993ETC
27-Feb-1998The New Talent of Taiwanese Cinema at HKUSTPAO
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