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15-Oct-1999HKUST Newsletter, Autumn 1999OUDPA
15-Dec-1999香港科技大學通訊 (一九九九年冬季刊)OUDPA
15-Dec-1999HKUST Newsletter, Winter 1999-2000OUDPA
15-Aug-1999香港科技大學通訊 (一九九九年秋季刊)OUDPA
15-Feb-1999香港科技大學通訊 (一九九九年春季刊)OUDPA
8-Jun-1999Media Review, No. 21/99OUDPA
4-Oct-1999Media Review, No. 38/99OUDPA
14-Jun-1999Media Review, No. 22/99OUDPA
27-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 37/99OUDPA
19-Oct-1999Media Review, No. 40/99OUDPA
9-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 30/99OUDPA
16-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 31/99OUDPA
8-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 9/99OUDPA
13-Dec-1999Media Review, No. 48/99OUDPA
31-Jul-1999Calendar of Events for July 1999OUDPA
24-May-1999Media Review, No. 19/99OUDPA
8-Feb-1999Media Review, No. 6/99OUDPA
6-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 34/99OUDPA
31-May-1999Media Review, No. 20/99OUDPA
30-Nov-1999Calendar of Events for November 1999OUDPA
29-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 12/99OUDPA
19-Jul-1999Media Review, No. 27/99OUDPA
22-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 11/99OUDPA
2-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 8/99OUDPA
31-Oct-1999Calendar of Events for October 1999OUDPA
31-Aug-1999Calendar of Events for August 1999OUDPA
10-May-1999Media Review, No. 17/99OUDPA
8-Nov-1999Media Review, No. 43/99OUDPA
22-Nov-1999Media Review, No. 45/99OUDPA
12-Jul-1999Media Review, No. 26/99OUDPA
2-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 29/99OUDPA
30-Sep-1999Calendar of Events for September 1999OUDPA
31-Mar-1999Calendar of Events for March 1999OUDPA
30-Apr-1999Calendar of Events for April 1999OUDPA
28-Feb-1999Calendar of Events for February 1999OUDPA
30-Jun-1999Calendar of Events for June 1999OUDPA
31-May-1999Calendar of Events for May 1999OUDPA
26-Jul-1999Media Review, No. 28/99OUDPA
11-Oct-1999Media Review, No. 39/99OUDPA
20-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 36/99OUDPA
19-Apr-1999Media Review, No. 14/99OUDPA
15-Mar-1999Media Review, No. 10/99OUDPA
13-Sep-1999Media Review, No. 35/99OUDPA
15-Nov-1999Media Review, No. 44/99OUDPA
5-Jul-1999Media Review, No. 25/99OUDPA
30-Aug-1999Media Review, No. 33/99OUDPA
17-May-1999Media Review, No. 18/99OUDPA
21-Jun-1999Media Review, No. 23/99OUDPA
1-Nov-1999Media Review, No. 42/99OUDPA
28-Dec-1999Media Review, No. 50/99OUDPA
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