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17-Nov-2016Dynamic Chemistry for Selective Synthesis and CatalysisIAS
10-Nov-2016From Donuts to Quantum Computers: Nobel Prize in Physics 2016IAS; DSCI
16-Nov-2016Behavioral FinanceIAS
30-Nov-2016Contracts: Theory and PracticeIAS; DBM
29-Dec-2016In-situ Microscopy with Atomic Resolution at Atmospheric PressureIAS
12-Dec-2016Spatial Impact of Gateways to Emergent Behavior in Science and SocietyIAS; IPP
14-Dec-2016Rational Design of Vaccines against Mutable Pathogens : HIV as a Case StudyIAS
28-Nov-2016Soil: An Ambiguous MaterialIAS
12-Dec-2016Gateways to Emergent Behavior in Science and SocietyIAS
19-Apr-2016文學・空間・記憶: 2016年4月19日IAS; DHSS; HUMA
22-Aug-2016Entwined Destinies: America and China and the History of the PresentIAS
13-Oct-2016Redefining the Spatiotemporal Limits of Optical Imaging: Photoacoustic Tomography, Wavefront Engineering, and Compressed Ultrafast PhotographyIAS
23-Sep-2016Quantum Leap: From Chinese Legend to Philosophy, to Information TechnologiesIAS
21-Sep-2016Social Networks for GoodIAS; DBM; DHSS; DSCI
26-Oct-2016Plasmonics: From Noble Metals to SustainabilityIAS
15-Apr-2016Are Insulin Hypersecretion and Food Additives a Cause of Obesity and Diabetes?IAS
2-Nov-2016Transforming Molecular Motion into Mechanical Work: 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Smallest Prototypical RoboticsIAS; DSCI
26-Oct-2016Quantum Plasmonics and Hot Carrier Induced ProcessesIAS
24-Oct-2016文學的順變與守恆IAS; DHSS; HUMA
20-Dec-2016Advanced Energy Storage Systems for Enabling Electrification of VehiclesIAS
27-May-2016Energy Transduction in Biomolecular MachinesIAS
12-Jan-2017How can Software Engineering Contribute to the Design and Operation of Smart Environments?IAS
20-Jan-2017Heterogeneous Photonic Integration on SiliconIAS
16-Feb-2017Predators-prey Model with Competition, the Emergence of Packs and TerritorialityIAS
10-Mar-2017Recent Advances in Geohazard Mitigation in ChinaIAS
20-Mar-2017Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell StudiesIAS
21-Feb-2017Lighting the Earth with LEDsIAS
2-Dec-2020IAS Newsletter, Fall 2020IAS
31-Oct-2019IAS Newsletter, Fall 2019IAS
26-Apr-2019New Routes to the Formation of Complex Structures and Metastable MaterialsIAS
22-Jan-2019Quest for Nature: Fifty Years of Discoveries in High Energy PhysicsIAS
3-May-2019Recent Developments of InGaN/GaN Based Laser Diodes for Energy Efficient Solid State Lighting and DisplaysIAS
22-Mar-2018Why Accounting Matters: Evidence from Accounting's 'Big Bang'IAS
19-Oct-2018說不完的故事IAS; DHSS; HUMA
9-May-2019五四之後 : 當代人文的三個方向 : 夏志清、李歐梵、劉再復國際學術研討會IAS; DHSS; HUMA
17-Apr-2019對話 : 文學的興與衰IAS; DHSS; HUMA
3-Aug-2018Morphogenesis: Geometry, Physics and BiologyIAS
1-Aug-2018Functional Polymer Materials Designed for Advanced Applications and SustainabilityIAS
1-Mar-2018Geometry of Soap FilmIAS
19-Mar-2018Mechanism of RNA Splicing by the SplicesomeIAS
31-Jul-2018Subwavelength Resonances: From Super-resolution to MetamaterialsIAS
23-Mar-2018The Mediator Complex in Transcriptional RegulationIAS
8-Feb-2018Nonparametric Option-implied VolatilityIAS
4-Apr-2018Oxide Semiconductors for Flat Panel DisplaysIAS
20-Mar-2018Memories of Stephen HawkingIAS
12-Apr-2019Biological and Environmental Evolution during the Deeptime Critical Climate TransitionsIAS
2-Mar-2018文學人性論IAS; LIB; DHSS; HUMA
7-Sep-2018Challenges in the Protection of the Rights of Refugees and MigrantsIAS
20-May-2019Genomics in Neurodegenerative Disease: What Are We Up ToIAS
19-Jun-2018Regulation of Red Cell Production: Development of Novel Therapies for AnemiasIAS
Results 851-900 of 926 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).