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6-Jan-2014Plastics: A Solution to Our Energy Challenges or Just Wishful Thinking?IAS
15-Jul-2016Photovoltaics Creates a New Type of Heat Engine, With Light as the Working FluidIAS
17-Nov-2014How Science Thinks (and How to Think Better)IAS
1-Dec-2014Flexible Wing Aerodynamics in Bio-inspired Flight SystemIAS; BME; MAE
14-Apr-2016Phenotypic Personalized MedicineIAS
16-Mar-2016The Physics of Life and EvolutionIAS; EI; MAE
23-Jun-2016Novel Factor Models for Validating Market Risk Factors and Forecasting Bond Risk PremiaIAS
24-May-2016The Launch of the Lomonosov SatelliteIAS; DSCI
17-Jul-2014Engineering and Regenerative MedicineIAS; CBME
10-Mar-2016Corruption and Insider Trading: Evidence from Credit and Housing MarketsIAS
17-Dec-2009Silicon Microresonator-based Electro-optical Switches and Delay Lines for On-chip Optical InterconnectsIAS; PHYS
20-Oct-2015Wealth and Well-beingIAS; IEMS
28-Jul-2015The Growing Space LandscapeIAS
7-Aug-2015Cyber-physical Systems: Why Connecting the Physical World?IAS
15-Dec-2015Data-driven Computational Abstraction and Imagination of Visual FormsIAS
8-Jul-2015What Does the Clock Speed of My Computer Have to Do with the Fundamental Constants of Nature, ̳h, c, q, m?IAS
4-Nov-2015New Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Neurotransmitter ReleaseIAS; CSBHH
16-Oct-2015Building Supply Chain Sustainability through Value Chain InnovationsIAS
28-Jul-2015Characterization of Hazardous Materials: Flammability and ReactivityIAS; DENG
11-Nov-2015How Mitochondria Move and Why It Matters to Neurons and Mitotic CellsIAS
26-Oct-2015Technological Entrepreneurship: a Key to World Peace and ProsperityIAS
9-Nov-2015The Cell's Toolbox for DNA Repair: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015IAS; DSCI
17-Sep-2015The Greek Crisis and the Future of the EurozoneIAS
10-Sep-2015From Molecules to Muscle: Multiscale Dynamics of Movement in BiologyIAS
16-Dec-2015New Topological States of MatterIAS
28-Oct-2015Trust but Verify: The Science of Climate Treaty VerificationIAS
17-Nov-2015Creating Skills to Promote Social Opportunity and Reduce PovertyIAS
8-Sep-2015Social Networks and Digital PhenotypingIAS
25-Sep-2015Better Materials for Energy Related Applications via Inorganic SynthesisIAS
12-Nov-2015Face-changing Magic Show of The Neutrinos: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015IAS; DSCI
6-Oct-2015Studying the Neutrinos with Nuclear ReactorsIAS
17-Nov-2015Is Curing Cancer a Complex Biological Problem to be Solved by Biologists?IAS
11-Nov-2015我的被朦朧: 兼談兩首詩歌的創作 = I am Misted: The Creation of Two PoemsIAS; DHSS; HUMA
18-Nov-2015賈寶玉長大後怎麼辦?= What if Jia Baoyu Grows Up?IAS; DHSS; HUMA
28-Oct-2015文學: 賣夢者的夢 = Literature: Dreams of the Dream SellersIAS; DHSS; HUMA
8-Jan-2016Structural Biology of Bacterial Transcription: Electron Microscopy to X-ray Crystallography and Back AgainIAS
1-Dec-2015Youyou Tu: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015IAS; DSCI
5-Jan-2016Automating Abstract InterpretationIAS
29-Sep-2017IAS Newsletter, September 2017IAS
20-Mar-2017The Synapse, a Multi-molecular Assembly beyond Super-resolutionIAS
16-Feb-2017Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Interfaces in Crystalline MaterialsIAS
23-Mar-2017Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex WorldIAS
18-Jan-2017Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems Surmounting the Challenge of Bridging the ScalesIAS
24-Jan-2017CEPC: Challenges and OpportunitiesIAS
9-Feb-2017Visual Marketing: What to See and How to be SeenIAS
28-Nov-2016An Insight into the Design, Performance and Aerodynamics of Formula 1IAS
27-Jul-2016High Frequency Market MakingIAS
31-May-2016Origins and the Future of MicrofluidicsIAS
27-Oct-2016Gravitational Waves, Colliding Black Holes and the Advanced LIGO DetectionsIAS
9-Nov-2016Autophagy: Recycling for Good CausesIAS; DSCI
Results 801-850 of 926 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).