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14-Dec-2017Next Generation Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and BeyondIAS
4-Dec-2017The Fascinating Quantum World of Two-dimensional Materials: Symmetry, Interaction and Topological EffectsIAS
5-Feb-2018The Multiscale Coarse-Graining Method for Computer Simulation of Complex Molecular FluidsIAS
19-Dec-2017The Second Quantum Revolution: A Unification of Matter and InformationIAS
2-Feb-2018L-function: Its Past and FutureIAS
26-Jun-2015Topological Boundary Modes from Quantum Electronics to Classical MechanicsIAS
23-Feb-2017IAS Newsletter, February 2017IAS
15-Feb-2016IAS Newsletter, February 2016IAS
15-Feb-2015IAS Newsletter, February 2015IAS
15-Sep-2014IAS Newsletter, September 2014IAS
15-Sep-2015IAS Newsletter, September 2015IAS
8-Dec-2015Mechanisms and Functions of Lysosome PositioningIAS
21-Jan-2016Neural Plasticity: From Synapse to PerceptionIAS
18-Jan-2016Statistical Paradises and Paradoxes in Big DataIAS
19-Jan-2016On Research InnovationIAS
20-Jan-2016Gigatechnology: Developing Sustainable Urban Infrastructure to Solve Gigaton ProblemsIAS
8-Jan-2016Genome-wide Views of the Mechanisms of Transcriptional RegulationIAS
3-Dec-2015Inventing The Joint Strike FighterIAS
10-Dec-2015Managing General and Individual Knowledge in Crowdsourcing ApplicationsIAS
29-Jan-2016Epigenetic Mechanisms of Stem Cell Aging and RejuvenationIAS
26-Nov-2015The 2015 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences: Angus DeatonIAS; DBM
1-Aug-2014New Trends in Research in Cement Based MaterialsIAS
29-Aug-2014Drainage, Dewetting, and Contamination of Hydrogel Contact LensesIAS
24-May-2016IAS Newsletter, May 2016IAS
13-Sep-2016IAS Newsletter, September 2016IAS
10-Mar-2016Characterization of Nanoparticles in Different SpheresIAS
20-May-2016A Culture of Growth: the Origins of the Modern EconomyIAS
18-May-2016Neural Networks: Natural and ArtificialIAS
31-Mar-2014California and the Personal EconomyIAS; OP; ATC
24-Jun-2016Statistical Analysis of Big Data: A few Problems and ChallengesIAS
23-Jun-2016Affine Jump-diffusions: Stochastic Stability and Limit TheoremsIAS
23-Jun-2016Financial Intermediation and Capital ReallocationIAS
17-Mar-2016Mapping the Universe in Space and TimeIAS
18-Mar-2016Artificial Intelligence Meets GO World Champion: Understanding, Reflection and ImplicationsIAS; CSE
20-May-2016Mechanism(s) of Photocatalytic Processes: Revisited!IAS
18-Mar-2016From Incentives and Capabilities to Context: Emerging Perspectives on InnovationIAS
14-Jun-2016Bio-inspired Low Energy Information Processing and the End of Moore's Law?IAS
28-Nov-2014Using Light to Do Things that Light is not Supposed to DoIAS
8-Jul-2016Probing Nature's Nanomachines One Molecule at a TimeIAS
23-Jun-2016Rank Tests at Jump EventsIAS
3-Dec-2013Impact of European Financial CrisisIAS
8-Jun-2016Radioactive Iron Rain: Evidence of a nearby Supernova ExplosionIAS
11-Mar-2016Pursuing the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals: Lessons Learned from a Project in Villages in IndiaIAS
24-Jun-2016From Organic to Bioorganic DevicesIAS
17-Jun-2016Reverse Engineering Nature's RobotsIAS
20-Jun-2016The Intersection of Operations Research, Kinetic Theory and GeneticsIAS
3-Jun-2016Bumblebees, Cracks and Nonlocal ModelingIAS; MATH
21-Jun-2016Social Influence in Consumption: Understanding how others Impact usIAS
23-Jun-2016Simulation-based Value-at-risk for High-dimensional Nonlinear PortfoliosIAS
23-Jun-2016Open Quant Cloud PlatformIAS
Results 751-800 of 926 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).