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28-Sep-2018IAS Newsletter, September 2018IAS
11-Nov-2014Nature Inspired Neuroengineering: Using Animal Flight to Inspire New Sensing TechnologiesIAS; BME
8-Nov-20142014 Young Scientist Awards Presentation. Engineering ScienceIAS
24-Nov-2014Introduction to Bio-inspired Engineering: Definition, History, Contemporary Issues, and Future DirectionsIAS; BME; MAE
2-Feb-2015Why Do the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors Continue to be the Great Exception almost Three Decades after Their Discovery?IAS
20-Apr-2015Polymer Reaction Engineering: What can Chemical Engineers Contribute to Polymer Science and Advanced Materials?IAS; DENG
25-Nov-2014Introduction to Bio-inspired Flight System: Fixed-wing Aerodynamics, Rigid Flapping-wing Aerodynamics, and Flexible Wing AerodynamicsIAS; BME; MAE
3-Dec-2014Measuring Technologies for Bio-inspired Flight SystemIAS; BME; MAE
11-Nov-2014Flexible Wing- and Body-based Strategies for Bio-inspired Flight System: Aerodynamics and Flight ControlIAS; BME
1-Dec-2014Overview of Bio-inspired Flight System and Bio-inspired Autonomous SystemIAS; BME; MAE
1-Dec-2014Flight Stability and Control in Insect Flight SystemIAS; BME; MAE
2-Dec-2014The Inner Workings of the Insect Flight MechanismsIAS; BME; MAE
3-Dec-2014Unmanned Air Vehicle and Its ApplicationsIAS; BME; MAE
7-Nov-2014Neuro-inspired Design: Research on Animal Locomotion that Inspires Novel Robotic DesignsIAS; BME
3-Dec-2014Breakout Session 3: What are Possible Interdisciplinary and Academic-industrial Collaborations for Bio-inspired Flight System and Bio-inspired Autonomous System?IAS; BME; MAE
2-Dec-2014Flight Control of a Biologically Inspired, Insect-scale RobotIAS; BME; MAE
2-Dec-2014Breakout Session 2: What are New Technologies for Bio-inspired Autonomous System?IAS; BME; MAE
12-Nov-2014Neural Coding and AdaptationIAS; BME
11-Nov-2014Sensorimotor Integration of Camouflage Body Patterning in CuttlefishIAS; BME
12-Nov-2014Active Efficient Coding: Linking the Development of Perception and BehaviorIAS; BME
26-Nov-2014Materials, Structures, and Dynamics of Biological Wings : Gliding, Soaring, Hovering, Powered Flapping Flight, and Scaling LawIAS; BME; MAE
1-Dec-2014Breakout Session 1: What are Needs and Challenges for Bio-inspired Flight System?IAS; BME; MAE
26-Nov-2014Muscle Function and Control of Biological Wings: Flapping, Flying Muscles, Sensing and Control, Insect Flight MotorIAS; BME; MAE
12-Nov-2014Computational ErgonomicsIAS; BME
7-Nov-2014Neural Prostheses: Retinal Prostheses, Cochlear Prostheses, Mobility ProsthesesIAS; BME
5-Nov-2014The Sensorimotor Transform: Control Loops, Regional ComputationsIAS; BME
19-Nov-2014Algebraic Methods for Multiloop Scattering AmplitudesIAS
18-Nov-2014(Relatively) Orienting Volume-forms on Positroid ConfigurationsIAS
19-Nov-2014Yang-Mills-Einstein Theory as a Double CopyIAS
18-Nov-2014The BCJ Double Copy and Kerr-Schild MetricsIAS
20-Nov-2014Integrand Reduction for Two-loop QCD AmplitudesIAS
21-Nov-2014Antenna on Null Polygon ABJM Wilson LoopIAS
20-Nov-2014Elliptic Functions and Maximal UnitarityIAS
20-Nov-2014The AmplituhedronIAS
21-Nov-2014Enhanced Cancellations and Ultraviolet Finiteness in SupergravityIAS
28-Nov-2014Biomimetics of Biological FlightsIAS; BME; MAE
8-Nov-20142014 Young Scientist Awards Presentation. Life scienceIAS
27-Nov-2014Maneuverability and StabilityIAS; BME; MAE
4-Nov-2014Analysis of Neural SignalsIAS; BME
6-Nov-2014ElectrodesIAS; BME
8-Nov-20142014 Young Scientist Awards Presentation. Physical/ Mathematical Science AwardIAS
9-Feb-2018IAS Newsletter, February 2018IAS
13-Apr-2017Nanocarbons for Electrochemical Energy StorageIAS
26-Sep-2017Single Particle Cryo-EM of Membrane Proteins in Lipid NanodiscIAS; CSBHH
2-Nov-2017The Ides of October: A Report on the Current Status of FASTIAS
27-Oct-2017Fun and Profit with Soft Matter ScienceIAS
31-May-2017Artificial General Intelligence: Why Aren't We There Yet?IAS
22-Dec-2017The Anionic Redox Activity in Li(Na)-based Electrodes: Fundamental and Practical AspectsIAS
23-Jan-2018The Next Steps for Particle Physics beyond the Large Hadron ColliderIAS
18-Dec-2017Quantum Computation at MicrosoftIAS
Results 701-750 of 926 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).