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16-Dec-2012Exotic Quantum Phases Driven by Correlations in Low-dimensional Electron SystemsIAS
15-Dec-2012Recent Advances in β-FeSe̳1̳-̳x and Related SuperconductorsIAS
18-Dec-2012Optical Properties of Atomically Thin Transitional Metal Dichalcogenide FilmsIAS
17-Dec-2012Momentum Polarization: an Entanglement Measure of Topological SpinIAS
17-Dec-2012The Space Group Classification of Topological Band InsulatorsIAS
18-Dec-2012Field Theory and Wave Function of Symmetry Protected Topological PhasesIAS
17-Dec-2012Emergent Exotic Statistics in Solvable Discrete Models for 2d Topological PhasesIAS
18-Dec-2012Quantum Spin Liquids in the Vicinity of Mott TransitionIAS
17-Dec-2012Quantum Spin Liquids and their Experimental SignaturesIAS
18-Dec-2012A Theory of Quantum Spin Nematics in a Quantum MagnetIAS
18-Dec-2012Odd-frequency Cooper Pair and Majorana Fermion in Nana Wire Proximity SystemsIAS
18-Dec-2012Statistics of Holes and Nature of Superfluid Phases in Quantum Dimer ModelsIAS
18-Dec-2012Network Model for Anderson Localization in Two-Dimensional Electron Gas with Strong Spin-orbit CouplingIAS
18-Dec-2012Anomalous Josephson Effect in S-wave Superconductor JunctionsIAS
17-Dec-2012Topological Phases with Spin-orbit Coupling on Pyrochlore LatticeIAS
6-Oct-2012Bringing Gain to MetamaterialsIAS
3-Oct-2012Addressing the Under-representation of Women Faculty in Science and Engineering at MIT: A Data-driven ApproachIAS; WFA
19-Oct-2012On Some Large Time Behaviors of Surface Water WavesIAS
3-Apr-2013Probing Fundamental Physics with Cosmological ObservationsIAS; DSCI
3-Oct-2012Coupling between Forward and Backward Modes and the Truth about 'Trapped Rainbow' Storage of Light in MetamaterialsIAS
3-Oct-2012From Control of Lamb Waves in Plates to Seismic MetamaterialsIAS
3-Oct-2012Dynamically Induced Non-reciprocity and Gauge Fields for PhotonsIAS
3-Oct-2012Transparent Metal Slabs Based on Light-tunneling Mechanism in MetamaterialsIAS
4-Oct-2012Spontaneous Emission Rate is Enhanced by an Optical AntennaIAS
4-Oct-2012Metamaterial SurfacesIAS
4-Oct-2012Pinholes Meet Fabry-Pérot : Perfect and Imperfect Transmission of Waves through Small AperturesIAS
4-Oct-2012Metamaterials to Bridge Propagating Waves with Surface Waves and Control Electromagnetic WavesIAS
4-Oct-2012Chiral Metamaterials by Shadowing DepositionIAS
4-Oct-2012Microwave Metamaterial AntennasIAS
6-Oct-2012Active Nanoplasmonic MetamaterialsIAS
6-Oct-2012Emergent Phenomena in Optical and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with MetastructuresIAS
6-Oct-2012Branch Cuts and Resonances for Metamaterials and PlasmonicsIAS
5-Oct-2012A Look at Transformation Optics : The Holy Grail for Designing Cloaks, Superlenses and Directive Antennas for Microwaves and Millimeter Waves Using MetamaterialsIAS
5-Oct-2012Transformation Acoustics : Virtual Pinholes and CollimatorsIAS
4-Oct-2012Structural-color Production in Amorphous Photonic StructuresIAS
14-Dec-2012Multiscale Simulation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow ProblemsIAS; PROVOST
20-Dec-2012Black-Litterman Asset Allocation and Mean-variance Portfolio Optimization when Means and Covariances are UnknownIAS; IELM; MATH
17-Jan-2013In Search of a Statistically Valid Volatility Risk FactorIAS; ECON; FINA
18-Dec-2012Cream Skimming in Financial MarketsIAS; ECON; FINA
17-Dec-2012Random Fractals Coming from 2-D Statistical PhysicsIAS
7-Oct-2012Possible Bottom-up Molecular Metamaterials Operating at the near Infrared and/or Visible RangeIAS
6-Oct-2012Coupled Membrane System with Doubly Negative Mass Density and Bulk ModulusIAS
7-Oct-2012Study of Surface Plasmon Polaritons from Periodic Metallic Arrays by Coupled Mode TheoryIAS
6-Oct-2012Nonlinear Optics in Plasmonic NanostructuresIAS
11-Dec-2012Memristor, Hodgkin-Huxley, and Edge of ChaosIAS
13-Dec-2012From Killer Marine Snails to Drugs for PainIAS
3-Dec-2012Defining the Evolutionary Space of HIV: Steps Toward Rational Immunogen DesignIAS
27-Nov-2012Global Climate Change: Integration, Coherence, and GovernanceIAS; CIVL; ENVR
13-Dec-2012Capturing Option Anomalies with a Variance-dependent Pricing KernelIAS; FINA; ISOM
3-Oct-2012Ferroelectric Domain Engineering: Controlling Light and Photon at DesireIAS
Results 51-100 of 926 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).