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9-Nov-2007Reference Points and the Theory of the FirmIAS; CED
29-Oct-2007Entrepreneurship and IncentivesIAS; CED
14-Aug-2007Will a New Milli-Volt Switch Replace the Transistor?IAS
27-Nov-2007The Importance of a Global Perspective: One View from SpaceIAS
9-Oct-2007Numerical Simulation of Particle Clustering for Particulate Flow in a Spinning CylinderIAS
29-Jan-2008Graphene and the Physics of the Two-Dimensional Dirac Spectrum (Lecture 3)IAS; DSCI
24-Jan-2008Graphene and the Physics of the Two-Dimensional Dirac Spectrum (Lecture 2)IAS
18-Sep-2007The Life and Death of Brain CircuitsIAS
4-Aug-2007Material Discovery by DesignIAS
6-Jan-2007A Story of Ether – Are We Living in a Noodle Soup?IAS; PHYS
8-Jan-2007Quantum Spin Liquid: From Drought to DelugeIAS; PHYS
10-Jan-2007Conductivity, Superconductivity and the Quantum WorldIAS; PHYS
13-Sep-2006Scientists as Poets: Imagining Everyday Life in the 21st CenturyIAS
18-May-2007The Beauty of ComputingIAS; MATH; CSE
11-Sep-2006Mathematics: Invention or DiscoveryIAS
2-May-2007University Research and Connection to BiotechnologyIAS
13-Sep-2006How Do We Save Lives by Understanding DeathIAS
13-Sep-2006Wisdom of ChoiceIAS
16-Nov-2011Unconventional Hybrid Materials for Electronics: From Printable Transistors to Plastic Solar CellsIAS
30-Nov-2011Pollen, Mold, and AeroallergensIAS; DENG; ENVR; CBME
1-Dec-2011Airborne NanoparticlesIAS; DENG; ENVR; CBME
12-Dec-2011Post-Fisherian Experimentation: From Physical to VirtualIAS
26-Jun-2012Perspectives in Biomedical EngineeringIAS; BME
3-May-2012UC RUSAL President's Forum: Making a Difference, a Stitch at a TimeIAS
29-Nov-2011Controlling Properties of Concrete through NanomodificationIAS
21-Nov-2011Replacing the Transistor; Searching for the Milli-Volt SwitchIAS
14-Nov-2011Semipolar/Nonpolar GaN-based Visible LEDs and LDsIAS
15-Dec-2011Employment, Education, Poverty and Inequality During the Great RecessionIAS
31-May-2011Gravitational Lenses of the Dark UniverseIAS
30-May-2011A Simple Harmonic UniverseIAS
31-May-2011Relativistic Effects in Weak Gravitational LensingIAS
31-May-2011Dark Matter and Dark Energy from TopologyIAS
30-May-2011String Cosmology: An UpdateIAS
30-May-2011Non-Gaussianity Generated at the End of Multi-field InflationIAS
31-May-201121cm CosmologyIAS
31-May-2011Recent Progress in Observational CosmologyIAS
11-Mar-2011Cell Signaling: Receptor Down-regulation & Membrane TraffickingIAS
10-Mar-2011Grain Growth, Shape, and Topology in All Dimensions: beyond von NeumannIAS
7-Mar-2011American Science on the Decline?IAS
17-Feb-2011Market Failure and the Spectacular Rise in InequalityIAS
8-Mar-2011New Wave of ComputingIAS
21-Mar-2011Equilibrium in the Labour Market with Search FrictionsIAS
1-Apr-2008經濟發展與中國文化的復興 (Economic Development and Cultural Renaissance in China)IAS
21-Mar-2011UC RUSAL President's Forum: [Dialogue with Prof Christopher Pissarides]IAS
16-Dec-2010The Economy, Public Policies and Poverty in the United States: Implications for Hong KongIAS
24-Nov-2010The Laplacian Paradigm: Emerging Algorithms for Massive GraphsIAS
29-Nov-2010Understanding Hearing Molecular Mechanisms: Advances Rooted in Hereditary DeafnessIAS
9-Nov-2010From Matter to Life: Chemistry? Chemistry!IAS
7-Oct-2010Imagining and Calculating in Many DimensionsIAS
4-Oct-2010A Geometer Explores the Nucleus : The Skyrme model of the nucleusIAS
Results 401-450 of 926 (Search time: 0.009 seconds).