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21-Jan-2014Atomic: Continuum Coupled Model and its Algorithm for the Dynamic Behaviors of Metallic Micro-nano DeviceIAS; DENG
17-Dec-2013Traffic Information and Control Systems of ShanghaiIAS
19-Dec-2013Nonsmooth, Nonconvex OptimizationIAS; MATH
3-Jul-2012Science and Technology of Modern Permanent Magnet MaterialsIAS
12-Apr-2012How to Hit HIV where It Hurts [Edited Version]IAS; BME
16-Apr-2012Mimicking the Senses of Taste and SmellIAS
30-Apr-2012Structural Biology of Small RNA-mediated Gene Regulation and Methylation-mediated Epigenetic RegulationIAS; SKL
18-Apr-2012Dilemmas of Decentralization in Developing CountriesIAS; ECON
13-Jun-2012Force Sensing: Towards a Molecular Understanding of Touch, Hearing, Osmotic-Force Sensing, etc.IAS
18-Mar-2010轉變發展方式, 建設低碳經濟 = Addressing Climate Change Developing Low-Carbon Economy in ChinaIAS
10-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session Two: Congruent Number Problem and Heegner Points]IAS
5-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session One: Congruent Number Problem and Elliptic Curves]IAS
12-Jul-2012[Seminars on Congruent Number Problem Session Three: Work of Ye Tian]IAS
6-Dec-2011Extracting Trend and Instantaneous Frequency from Nonlinear and Non-stationary DataIAS
12-Oct-2011What's Hot in Computing?IAS; DENG
24-Oct-2011Internal Stresses in Single-Phase Deformed MaterialsIAS
19-Oct-2011Vapor Phase Growth of Complex Semiconductor Alloys: New Semiconductors from an Unstable WorldIAS
25-Oct-2011The End of 'Foreign' PolicyIAS
19-Dec-2011Musubi: An Open Mobile Social NetworkIAS; DENG
14-Oct-2011The Changing Dynamics of the WorldIAS
13-May-2011The Numerical Solution of the Monge-Ampère EquationIAS
1-Jun-2011Constructing a Wilsonian Cosmological Effective ActionIAS
30-May-2011Does the Universe Have a Beginning?IAS
1-Jun-2011Einstein's ‘Zurich Notebook’ and his Journey to General RelativityIAS
1-Jun-2011Cosmological Inflation and the Standard ModelIAS
3-Aug-2010IQ, Gender, and Mortality in the Wisconsin Longitudinal StudyIAS; SOSC
15-Jul-2010[Liquid Water, the 'Most Complex' Liquid: New Results in Bulk, Nanoconfined, and Biological Environments]IAS
8-Dec-2009Synthesis of Organic Matter by Stars and its Effect on the Origin of Life on EarthIAS
8-Dec-2009Spontaneous Emergence of Modularity in an Evolving SystemIAS
8-Dec-2009Collective and Nonlinear Phenomena in EvolutionIAS
8-Dec-2009Darwinian Evolution as Front Propagation in Fitness SpaceIAS
8-Dec-2009What Is Evolution? Towards A New SynthesisIAS
15-Jul-2010[Survival of the Luckiest]IAS
15-Jul-2010[Critical Behaviour of Large Scale Dynamical Heterogeneities in Glasses]IAS
9-Dec-2009Physical Sciences in Oncology InitiativeIAS
10-Dec-2009Who Will Fund the High-Risk Projects in Life Sciences?IAS
10-Dec-2009Mechanical Stress on Cancer Cells and Passage with Hydrodynamic ForcesIAS
10-Dec-2009Evolution in the Therapy of CancerIAS
10-Dec-2009The Dynamics of the Immune Repertoire of an OrganismIAS
19-Mar-2010Destruction as an Incentive Device in Bilateral ContractsIAS
19-Mar-2010Prospects for Cloaking at Optical FrequenciesIAS
17-Mar-2010Elections and Strategic Voting: Condorcet and BordaIAS
23-Feb-2009Fluctuations Effects in Soft MatterIAS; PHYS
11-Mar-2009Novel Interactions and Dynamics in Complex Fluids: From Colloidal Particles to Liquid Crystal and DNA MoleculesIAS; PHYS
2-Mar-2009Climate Change and Air PollutionIAS; CBME; IENV
3-Mar-2009Atmospheric Organic AerosolsIAS; CBME; IENV
5-Jan-2009New Frontiers in ScienceIAS
21-Mar-2009Molecules That Changed The WorldIAS
19-Mar-2009Symmetry: More Than Pretty PicturesIAS
5-Jan-2009Hopes for the FutureIAS
Results 351-400 of 926 (Search time: 0.006 seconds).