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25-Jun-2013Panel Discussion on Education Research and Development PolicyIAS; DHSS; ECON; IEMS; SOSC
17-Jul-2013Interface Dynamics in Planar Neural Field ModelsIAS
19-Jul-2013Visual Information: Propagation, Adaptation, Population CodingIAS
19-Jul-2013A Theory of the Primary Visual Cortex (V1): Predictions, Experimental Tests, and Implications for Future ResearchIAS
17-Jul-2013Interaction between Synaptic Plasticity and Network DynamicsIAS
17-Jul-2013Spontaneous Reverberation in a Growing Neuronal CultureIAS
17-Jul-2013Higher-order Correlation in a Feed-forward Network with Inhomogeneous ConnectivityIAS
2-Apr-2012Physical Aspects of Viral InfectivityIAS; DSCI
16-Jan-2012Cosmic Information: IT From BIT, from BITs in ITIAS
4-Nov-2011The Future of BioMEMSIAS; DENG; ECE; MECH; I2MS; BME
5-Jan-2012Protein Sorting in the Secretory Pathway: Lessons from Yeast Applied to Mammalian DevelopmentIAS
26-Mar-2012Graphene-based and Graphene-derived Materials, and their PropertiesIAS; DENG; DSCI
2-Nov-2011Demystifying the Chinese EconomyIAS
2-Nov-2011Advances in Research and Practice in Underground Construction - The Future of MegacitiesIAS; DENG; CIVL
28-Feb-2012New Paradigms in Invariant Theory: The Littlewood-Richardson RuleIAS
17-Jan-2012Selling Random WindIAS
11-Jan-2012Novel Phenomena at the Oxide InterfaceIAS
25-Oct-2011Turbulence and Stochasticity in High-Speed Reactive FlowsIAS; PROVOST
31-Oct-2011On Efficiently Financing RetirementIAS; ECON
22-Jul-2011Light Detection in the RetinaIAS
1-Aug-2011How Do Bacteria Evolve Resistance to Antibiotics?IAS
19-Aug-2011Cloaking and Transformation OpticsIAS
20-Apr-2011Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance - Dialogue with Dennis OverbyeIAS; DSCI
23-Jun-2011Physics of Graphene and Graphene NanostructuresIAS
24-Jun-2011Global Financial Volatility and Long Term RisksIAS
1-Jun-2011The Frontiers of Fundamental PhysicsIAS
11-Feb-2011Bing Dialog Model: Intent, Knowledge and User InteractionIAS
20-Jun-2011Quantum Optics: From Fundamental Physics to HighTech ApplicationIAS
13-Jun-2011New Paradigms in Invariant TheoryIAS
22-Feb-2011Strongly Interacting Quantum Gases: Overview and IssuesIAS
25-Feb-2011Frontiers of Cold Atom ResearchIAS
1-Mar-2011The Worldwide Program of Quantum Simulation: Overview and IssuesIAS
6-Jan-2011Environmental, Health and Safety Studies of Nanoparticles in Support of Sustainable NanotechnologyIAS
15-Dec-2010DNA Topoisomerase IIβ: An Enigma in Genetic Programming in Differentiating CellsIAS
12-Jan-2011In Search of Majorana [Part Two]IAS
5-Jan-2011In Search of Majorana [Part One]IAS
7-Jan-2011How Does a Solar Cell Work? The Influence of Light Trapping and Light Extraction on Ultimate Solar Cell EfficiencyIAS
14-Dec-2010Teaching in Class and on MIT's OpenCourseWareIAS
29-Oct-2010The Difference Between Heaven and Earth: Urban-rural Disparities in Health and Well-being in ChinaIAS
29-Oct-2010New Weapons Against Cancer: Genetically Engineered AntibodiesIAS; DSCI
14-Oct-2010Recent Advances in High Brightness Blue and White GaN Based LEDs and True Green Laser DiodesIAS
8-Oct-2010A (Brief) History of (Metric) GeometryIAS
18-Oct-2010How Does a Ribozyme Work?IAS
12-Oct-2010NMR of physisorbed 129Xe used as a probe to investigate various materialsIAS
11-Oct-2010Mathematics and Civilization - from Pythagoras to NewtonIAS
7-Oct-2010IHES: 52 years in Search of ExcellenceIAS
20-Oct-2010Some Recent Theoretical Studies of Nanostructures, Photovoltaics and SuperconductorsIAS
9-Dec-2009Biophysics and Adaptation of Bacteria in Nanofabricated LandscapesIAS
8-Dec-2009Rapid Evolution of Antibiotic ResistanceIAS
8-Dec-2009A Genomic Synthesis for Evolutionary Theory: Mutation is not RandomIAS
Results 251-300 of 926 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).