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28-Nov-2012From Cell to Embryo: The Magic of GastrulationIAS
3-Oct-2012Discrete Transformation Elastodynamics and Active Exterior Acoustic CloakingIAS
3-Oct-2012Acoustic and Electromagnetic Double Negativity by Coiling up SpaceIAS
3-Oct-2012Dirac Cones Like Dispersions and Zero Refractive IndexIAS
30-Nov-2012Dynamics and Control of Rigid-flexible Multibody Systems via Absolute Coordinate Based MethodIAS; DENG
30-Nov-2012Performance-based Design in Geotechnical EngineeringIAS
3-Dec-2012Blended Program Analysis for Improving Reliability of Real-world ApplicationsIAS; DENG
5-Oct-2012Genes for Development and Disease in ZebrafishIAS
16-Apr-2013From TNF to TLRs: How the Innate Immune System Senses InfectionIAS
26-Sep-2012Bio-nano Hybrids for Chemical DetectionIAS; DENG
18-Sep-2012Probing Mechanical Principles of Cell-nanomaterial InteractionsIAS; MECH; I2MS; BME
23-Apr-2013Understanding Explosions: From Catastrophic Accidents to the Creation of the UniverseIAS; PROVOST
8-Apr-2013String Theory, Particle Physics and Black HolesIAS; DSCI
15-Apr-2013Using Stocks or Portfolios in Tests of Factor ModelsIAS; FINA
3-Oct-2012Perfect Imaging with Positive RefractionIAS
12-Apr-2013UC RUSAL President's Forum: Answering Gauguin's Questions with the Large Hadron Collider: What are we? Where do we Come from? Where are we Going?IAS
7-Nov-2012Liquid Crystal Displays and LC-materials: Historical ReminiscenceIAS
9-Nov-2012Multiscale Imaging of the Nervous System: Where is the Dark Matter?IAS
10-Nov-2012Bioimaging at the Nanoscale: Single-molecule and Super-resolution Fluorescence MicroscopyIAS
5-Nov-2012Arrow-Debreu Equilibria for Rank-dependent UtilitiesIAS
14-Nov-2012The Youthful Spirit of MathematicsIAS; MATH
15-Nov-2012Geometric Models of MatterIAS; MATH
16-Nov-2012Quest for Prosperity: New Structural Economics and New Growth RecipeIAS; ECON
11-Oct-2013What is the Higgs Boson?IAS; DSCI
2-Jul-2013From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-scienceIAS; DENG; CBME
1-Mar-2013Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular NanoparticlesIAS; DENG; CBME
25-Jul-2013Carbon Nanoscience and Electronic StructureIAS
15-Mar-2013Mechanism and Function of Spindle Orientation in Drosophila Neural ProgenitorsIAS; LIFS
2-Jul-2013Energy for the World, Today and Tomorrow - A PerspectiveIAS; CBME
19-Mar-2013Identifying Deception and Charisma ComputationallyIAS
2-Sep-2013A Random Walk in Big DataIAS
13-Aug-2013Exceptional Structures and SymmetryIAS
26-Sep-2013China's Global Role: Comments on its Strengths and WeaknessesIAS
27-Aug-2013Markov Random Fields in Genomics StudiesIAS; DENG
29-Nov-2013Energetics of Nanophase Oxides: Implications for Materials, Environmental, and Earth ScienceIAS; CBME
14-Nov-2013Fundamental and Applied Researches: Evolution of Graphene Wrinkle and Hydrogen Storage in NanomaterialsIAS
27-Nov-2013Unemployment and the European CrisisIAS
14-Nov-2013Probing Surfaces and Interfaces of Manganites with Second-harmonic GenerationIAS
27-Nov-2013Inverse Problems and Harry Potter's CloakIAS
14-Nov-2013Copper-based Chalcogenide Compound Semiconductors : New Materials for PhotovoltaicsIAS
22-Nov-2013Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013: Computer Modeling for Complex Chemical SystemsIAS; DSCI
14-Nov-2013Nonlinear Carrier Transport in Semiconductors: Ultrafast High THz-field Photo-driven RegimeIAS
14-Nov-2013Quantum Transport in Bi(111) Thin FilmIAS
19-Dec-2013Local Log-empirical Likelihood Inference for Varying-coefficient Density-ratio Models Based on Case-control DataIAS
19-Dec-2013Community Detection and Extraction in NetworksIAS
19-Dec-2013Partially Linear Single-index Transformation ModelIAS
26-Aug-2014Strategies for Further Development of MBR TechnologyIAS
26-Aug-2014Perspectives of Wastewater Treatment Processes in KoreaIAS
28-Aug-2014Presentations Series by Invited Mainland GuestsIAS
5-Sep-2014Why Study Cancer by Studying Yeast CellsIAS
Results 101-150 of 926 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).