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31-Dec-2011Status Report 2009-11, Engineering the FutureDENG
19-Sep-2012沒有成功的企業,只有時代的企業 = Successful Enterprises Move with the TimesDENG; DBM
3-Jun-2013Small Particles, Big Science: A Personal PerspectiveIAS; DENG
29-May-2013Robust Discretization and Precondition for Coupled PDE SystemsIAS; DENG
6-Jun-2013Recent Development and Application on Seismic Resistance, Seismic Isolation, Passive and Active Control in ChinaIAS; DENG
30-Nov-2012Dynamics and Control of Rigid-flexible Multibody Systems via Absolute Coordinate Based MethodIAS; DENG
3-Dec-2012Blended Program Analysis for Improving Reliability of Real-world ApplicationsIAS; DENG
26-Sep-2012Bio-nano Hybrids for Chemical DetectionIAS; DENG
2-Jul-2013From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-scienceIAS; DENG; CBME
1-Mar-2013Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular NanoparticlesIAS; DENG; CBME
27-Aug-2013Markov Random Fields in Genomics StudiesIAS; DENG
15-Nov-2013In Focus, Issue No. 24DENG
15-Jan-2011In Focus, Issue No. 19DENG
15-Jan-2012In Focus, Issue No. 21DENG
15-Jun-2011In Focus, Issue No. 20DENG
15-Jan-2013In Focus, Issue No. 23DENG
15-Jun-2012In Focus, Issue No. 22DENG
15-Jun-2010In Focus, Issue No. 18DENG
15-Jun-2014SENG News, Issue 6DENG
15-Aug-2014In Focus, Issue No. 25DENG
15-Mar-2014SENG News, Issue 5DENG
4-Nov-2011The Future of BioMEMSIAS; DENG; ECE; MECH; I2MS; BME
26-Mar-2012Graphene-based and Graphene-derived Materials, and their PropertiesIAS; DENG; DSCI
2-Nov-2011Advances in Research and Practice in Underground Construction - The Future of MegacitiesIAS; DENG; CIVL
18-Dec-2013Computer-aided Nanoscience Research: Nanoice, Superhydrophoticity, Gold Nanoclusters, and Boron and Carbon NanomaterialsIAS; DENG
21-Jan-2014Atomic: Continuum Coupled Model and its Algorithm for the Dynamic Behaviors of Metallic Micro-nano DeviceIAS; DENG
12-Oct-2011What's Hot in Computing?IAS; DENG
19-Dec-2011Musubi: An Open Mobile Social NetworkIAS; DENG
30-Nov-2011Pollen, Mold, and AeroallergensIAS; DENG; ENVR; CBME
1-Dec-2011Airborne NanoparticlesIAS; DENG; ENVR; CBME
20-Mar-2014Recent Development of High Strength and High Ductility Nanostructured Materials for Light Weight Structures through Advanced DesignIAS; SSCI; DENG
1-Feb-2015SENG News, Issue 8DENG
15-Sep-2014SENG News, Issue 7DENG
16-Apr-2015Surface Modifications of Micro and Millimeter Size Particles with Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor DepositionIAS; DENG
8-Jan-2015Probabilistic Nano-Mechanical Finite Weakest-Link Model for Quasibrittle Structure Strength, Crack Growth, Lifetime and FatigueIAS; DENG
6-Jan-2015Anaerobic Treatment of Domestic Wastewater: An Approach to Meet Future Needs? ; [Urban Water Sustainability and Climate Change]IAS; DENG
8-Dec-2014Learning to Live with Geohazards: Reducing Risk, Protecting PeopleIAS; DENG
15-Feb-2013SENG News, Issue 1DENG
15-May-2013SENG News, Issue 2DENG
15-Dec-2013SENG News, Issue 4DENG
15-Sep-2013SENG News, Issue 3DENG
15-Dec-2015SENG News, Issue 11DENG
15-Jan-2015In Focus, Issue No. 26DENG
1-May-2015SENG News, Issue 9DENG
18-Apr-2018In Focus, Issue No. 29DENG
20-Apr-2015Polymer Reaction Engineering: What can Chemical Engineers Contribute to Polymer Science and Advanced Materials?IAS; DENG
1-Sep-2015SENG News, Issue 10DENG
14-Feb-2018SENG News, Issue 18DENG
4-Jun-2018SENG News, Issue 19DENG
15-Apr-2017SENG News, Issue 15DENG
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