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31-Dec-1997Status Report 1996-97DSCI
31-Dec-2000Status Report 1999-00DSCI
3-Apr-2013Probing Fundamental Physics with Cosmological ObservationsIAS; DSCI
8-Apr-2013String Theory, Particle Physics and Black HolesIAS; DSCI
11-Oct-2013What is the Higgs Boson?IAS; DSCI
22-Nov-2013Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013: Computer Modeling for Complex Chemical SystemsIAS; DSCI
1-Dec-2014Science Focus = 科言, Issue 003, 2014DSCI
15-Mar-2014Science Focus = 科言, Issue 001, 2014DSCI
31-Dec-1994Status Report 1994DSCI
2-Apr-2012Physical Aspects of Viral InfectivityIAS; DSCI
26-Mar-2012Graphene-based and Graphene-derived Materials, and their PropertiesIAS; DENG; DSCI
20-Apr-2011Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance - Dialogue with Dennis OverbyeIAS; DSCI
29-Oct-2010New Weapons Against Cancer: Genetically Engineered AntibodiesIAS; DSCI
14-Sep-2009Single Molecule Manipulation: Edge-Cutting Techniques for Studies of Biomolecular MachineryIAS; DSCI; PHYS
29-Jan-2008Graphene and the Physics of the Two-Dimensional Dirac Spectrum (Lecture 3)IAS; DSCI
9-Dec-2007Mathematics of Multi-Scale ProblemsIAS; DSCI; MATH; PHYS
5-Dec-2007Array ImagingIAS; DSCI
27-Nov-2014Superresolution Fluorescence Microscopy: How to See Ten Times ClearerIAS; DSCI
20-Nov-2014Lighting in the 21st Century: From Blue LED to WhiteIAS; DSCI
15-Mar-2015Science Focus = 科言, Issue 004, 2015DSCI
15-Nov-2015Science Focus = 科言, Issue 006, 2015DSCI
27-Nov-2017Molecular Mechanisms of the Circadian Rhythm: 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineIAS; DSCI
22-Nov-2017Developing Cryo-electron Microscopy for the High-resolution Structure Determination of Biomolecules in Solution: 2017 Nobel Prize in ChemistryIAS; DSCI
15-Jun-2015Science Focus = 科言, Issue 005, 2015DSCI
24-May-2016The Launch of the Lomonosov SatelliteIAS; DSCI
15-Mar-2016Science Focus = 科言, Issue 007, 2016DSCI
9-Nov-2015The Cell's Toolbox for DNA Repair: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015IAS; DSCI
12-Nov-2015Face-changing Magic Show of The Neutrinos: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015IAS; DSCI
1-Dec-2015Youyou Tu: The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015IAS; DSCI
15-May-2017Science Focus = 科言, Issue 010, 2017DSCI
15-Dec-2016Science Focus = 科言, Issue 009, 2016DSCI
15-Jul-2016Science Focus = 科言, Issue 008, 2016DSCI
9-Nov-2016Autophagy: Recycling for Good CausesIAS; DSCI
10-Nov-2016From Donuts to Quantum Computers: Nobel Prize in Physics 2016IAS; DSCI
21-Sep-2016Social Networks for GoodIAS; DBM; DHSS; DSCI
2-Nov-2016Transforming Molecular Motion into Mechanical Work: 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Smallest Prototypical RoboticsIAS; DSCI
24-Nov-2020Science Focus = 科言, Issue 018, 2020DSCI
6-Dec-2018From Understanding the Basic Principle of Immune System to Cancer Therapy - 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineIAS; DSCI
22-Nov-2018Lasers: From Manipulating a Single Molecule to Creating the Power of the Sun - 2018 Nobel Prize in PhysicsIAS; DSCI
15-Nov-2022Science Focus = 科言, Issue 023, 2022DSCI
5-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 019, 2021DSCI
7-Jul-2021Science Focus = 科言, Issue 020, 2021DSCI
6-Jun-2022Science Focus = 科言, Issue 022, 2022DSCI
15-Dec-2018Science Focus = 科言, Issue 014, 2018DSCI
15-Sep-2014Science Focus = 科言, Issue 002, 2014DSCI
15-Oct-2017Science Focus = 科言, Issue 011, 2017DSCI
15-Apr-2018Science Focus = 科言, Issue 013, 2018DSCI
15-Dec-2017Science Focus = 科言, Issue 012, 2017DSCI
15-May-2020Science Focus = 科言, Issue 017, 2020DSCI
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