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Title: Generation and Characterization of Turbulence in Bose-Einstein Condensate: A New Window of Opportunities
Originating Office: IAS
Speaker: Bagnato, Vanderlei S.
Issue Date: 15-Sep-2017
Event Date: 15-Sep-2017
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 8.15 - Institute for Advanced Study
Series 3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 8.15:3 EF
Notes: IAS distinguished lecture.
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Abstract: Trapped superfluids are excellent systems for investigations of quantum turbulence. In this lecture, the speaker demonstrates nucleation of vortices in a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) and the evolution to turbulence. The main characteristics of the out-of-equilibrium state will be described. Variations of behavior during free expansion of the cloud seem to associate a self-similar expansion with the occurrence of turbulence. The energy spectrum is measured using expansion and identification of power like behavior demonstrating cascade of energy. Different characterization of the sample, including correlation measurements and others will be presented. Similarities with speckle fields will also be discussed. Theoretical models for the observations have been done and many physical insights are identified. The speaker will also discuss the concept of spontaneous generation of quantum turbulence in BEC.
Prof Vanderlei S Bagnato received his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987. He was appointed the full professor of the University of São Paulo since 1993. Prof Bagnato's research is based on laser cooling and trapping of neutral atoms and applications of optics and laser in dentistry and medicine. He was a pioneer in the field of atomic and molecular physics with worldwide recognition. Recently, Prof Bagnato's laboratory has illustrated Bose-Einstein Condensation and started a frontier project on quantum gas.
Prof Bagnato has published over 500 papers in international journals with more than 12,000 citations, and has supervised more than 80 graduate students. He has been the editor of the Brazilian Teaching Journal and has been part of the editorial board of several international journals.
Prof Bagnato was elected member of the Technical Scientific Council CTC of the Brazilian National Observatory (2010); corresponding member of the Academia Paraense de Ciências, Belém (2009); member of the Third World Academy of Sciences (2009); and member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2005).
Duration: 76 min.
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