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Title: Emergent Phenomena in Optical and Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Metastructures
Originating Office: IAS
Speaker: Sihvola, Ari
Issue Date: 6-Oct-2012
Event Date: 6-Oct-2012
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 8.15 - Institute for Advanced Study
Series 3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 8.15:3 EF
Notes: Croucher Advanced Study Institute on New Materials and New Concepts for Controlling Light and Waves. Talk no.21
Host: HKUST Institute for Advanced Study.
Sponsor: The Croucher Foundation.
Abstract: This presentation will concentrate on the emergence of complex behaviors from simpler building blocks and constellations. Such artificial creation of new functionalities has been the ultimate motivator of metamaterials studies.
In parallel to metamaterials, in today’s discourse, the “meta” concept has spread into a more broad range, and it is not uncommon to hear use of terms like metagadgets, metamachines, metadevices, metasystems, metafunctions, or other kind of metastructures. Since in the original metamaterial ethos, the idea of emergence is important and essential, also in the present climate where the meta-word has conquered additional domains one needs to pay attention to the repercussions of idea of emergence on higher system levels.
The presentation will also focus on examples of this path of reasoning. One exemplary case of metastructure in this respect is the appearance of electromagnetic boundary conditions from the interface between an “ordinary” medium and a metamaterial (here understood as a medium with extreme or otherwise very special material parameters). Then the metamaterial in all its three-dimensional extent and structure behind its surface becomes sacrificed and replaced by an electromagnetic boundary condition.
Duration: 46 min.
Appears in Series:8.15:3 - Audio-visual Materials
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