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Title: Black Holes, Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy Formation
Originating Office: IAS
Speaker: Ho, Luis
Issue Date: 31-May-2011
Event Date: 31-May-2011
Group/Series/Folder: Record Group 8.15 - Institute for Advanced Study
Series 3 - Audio-visual Materials
Location: 8.15:3 box 1.7
Notes: IAS Conference on Cosmology since Einstein.
IAS title: Talk 11: 'Black Holes, Big and Small: Impact on Galaxy Formation'.
Abstract: Supermassive black holes, weighing a million to a billion Suns, have been shown to be a ubiquitous component of massive galaxies in the local Universe.
The mass of the black hole is closely linked to the properties of its host galaxy, suggesting that they share a closely coupled formation and evolutionary history. Energy feedback from quasars and active galactic nuclei may play an essential role in regulating star formation and structure formation on galactic scales. Even some small, low‐mass galaxies contain central black holes, 10 to 100 times lighter than their supermassive cousins.
This recently discovered population sheds new light on the primordial seeds of quasars in the early Universe, serves as useful laboratories for accretion physics, and may be an important source of gravitational waves detectable with future experiments.
Duration: 40 min.
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