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1-Dec-1998Newsletter (English) - Winter '98-
1-Feb-1998Newsletter (English) - Spring '98-
1-Dec-1998Newsletter (Chinese) - Winter '98-
1-Feb-1998Newsletter (Chinese) - Spring '98-
1-Jul-1998Newsletter (Chinese) - Summer '98-
1-Jul-1998Newsletter (English) - Summer '98-
1-Sep-1998Newsletter (English) - Autumn '98-
1-Sep-1998Newsletter (Chinese) - Autumn '98-
1-Dec-1998Panorama (PA9808A)-
22-Jan-1998Colloquium on Information Science: HKUST Library Series No.4 - Seminar on Chinese Information Processing in Libraries, 22-23 January 1998-
25-Sep-1998Sculpturing Time and Space - Yuyu Yang (1926-1997), 25 September 1998 to 30 January 1999-
19-Jul-1998Handball Competition (Celebration of HK's return to China for One Year)-
7-May-1998The Honourable Tung Chee Hwa (Chief Executive)-
13-Nov-1998W3C Office Inauguration Ceremony-
12-Mar-1998Higher Education Expo. '98-
3-Jun-19986th Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference-
19-Jan-1998Signing Ceremony for World Wide Web Consortium - Chinese Computing-
13-Nov-1998Inauguration Ceremony of Academic Alliance Between Peking University and HKUST-
20-Apr-1998HK CAS Alumni Inauguation '98-
6-Aug-1998Smart Card over the Internet-
21-Apr-1998Management Review Panel Meeting-
4-Dec-1998University Affairs Lecture - Outlook of HK's Economic-
12-Mar-1998Higher Education Expo. '98-
25-Sep-1998Four Sides Exhibition (Press Release)-
15-Jan-1998Donation Presentation & Inauguration Ceremony for Hang Lung Center for organization Research-
18-Sep-1998SBM Expert Team (Suggestions for HK '98 Financial Problems)-
14-Apr-1998Lecture by Prof Otto Lin (VPRD)-
11-Jun-1998Civil: Building Vibration / Convention Exhibition Centre-
4-Apr-1998Math Trail-
26-Sep-1998Student Outreach Day '98 & Parents' Day '98-
13-Jun-1998Student in Class (GDM)-
25-Mar-1998Consumer Media Lab-
10-Oct-1998Aquatic Meet '98-
11-Nov-1998Sixth Congregation-
11-Jun-19989th Global Warming International Conference and Expo Closing Ceremony-
21-Mar-1998New Approaches in Cancer Drug Development-
30-Oct-1998Public Affairs Lecture - "Fin. & Future Development in HK" by Mr Larry Yung-
28-Mar-1998Business Mentoring Forum-
2-Jun-1998Li Lanqing, Vice Premier of China, met UST delegation-
14-Jul-1998Physics Summer Camp-
29-Jun-1998HK Economic Forum - Free Market Economy - The Way Forward-
25-Sep-1998R&D Dept cs Research Project (at Lab)-
20-Jul-1998Engineering Summer Camp 1998-
18-Sep-1998PRS System-
23-Jul-1998English Summer School for F.4/F.6 Students-
4-Feb-1998Remodelled Classrooms (ARR) - Rm 2302-2465-
10-Feb-1998Signing Agreement of BRI & Kung Wo Tong-
13-Oct-1998Electronic Fair 98-
Results 1-50 of 84 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).

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