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1-Dec-1996Newsletter (Chinese) - Winter '96-
1-Jul-1996Newsletter (English) - Summer '96-
1-Sep-1996Newsletter (English) - Autumn '96-
1-Sep-1996Newsletter (Chinese) - Autumn '96-
19-Sep-1996Roaming in the Arts: An Exhibition by Three Calligraphers of the Lake Tai Canglang Society - Hua Rende, Hu Lunguang and Chu Yun, 19 September 1996 to 19 November 1996-
6-Dec-1996Colloquium on Information Science: HKUST Library Series No.3 - Transformations in Global Scientific Communication, 6 December 1996-
8-Feb-1996Recent Works: Katherine Chang Liu & Julia Nee Chu, 8 February 1996 to 5 April 1996-
1-Aug-1996RTHK5: UST Technology File - President at Studio-
7-Mar-1996AIESEC Culture Week-
11-Jul-1996Distinguished Lecture Series in Science, Robert C Gallo-
18-Jul-1996SBM Summer School, Variety Show-
2-Mar-1996Currency Exhibition at Expo Hall-
15-Jul-1996Engineering Summer Camp - Design Competition-
5-Nov-1996Outreach Day (5/11/96) and Open Day (6/11/96)-
29-May-1996Information Forum with the President-
5-Nov-1996Dr Mark Davidson (Teaching Awarded Winner '96)-
22-Nov-1996Signing Agreement of SBM & Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University-
25-Sep-1996Celebrating the 10th Yr from the Inauguration Mtg of the Planning Committee of University-
27-Mar-1996Student in Class (CENG)-
28-Feb-1996Information Center-
21-May-1996Children's Swimming Class-
11-Oct-1996Mechanical Engineering-
3-Sep-1996Machine Room-
26-Jun-1996Research Project by Dr Reinhard Rennerberg (Chem)-
17-Apr-19965th-yr Anniversary Exhibits - Landmark, Haubour City, Tai Po KCR & Shatin KCR-
1-Mar-1996EEE -- Computer-Numerical Control, research project by Li ZeXiang-
19-Sep-1996Staff/Student Basketball Game-
17-Oct-1996Physics Lab.-
1-Jan-1996Computer Aided Design CAD/CAEM-
9-Oct-1996Patent of Computer Science-
18-Oct-1996Seminar of Physics-
1-Feb-1996APLE Multi-media Lab-
21-Jul-1996Biology + Biochemistry Student Society booth at the 29th Joint Schools Science Exhibition JSSE-
16-Jul-1996Laboratory Session of Physics Summer Camp-
9-Jan-1996Discussion Meeting between Faculty and UGC-
1-Dec-1996SBM Academic Tour-
25-Nov-1996Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Leo ESAKI - "Innovation & Evolation: Reflections on a Life in Science-
17-Nov-1996Athletic Meet '96-
24-Jun-1996Bank of China Luncheon Donation Ceremony for Affinity Card-
2-Apr-1996Active Physics Learning Environment-
19-Dec-1996CAS President Zhou's Visit-
22-Oct-1996"Save Energy" Shot-
1-Jun-1996Civil & Structural Engineering - Shing Mum River, Research project by Dr Reinhard Rennerberg (Chem)-
12-Oct-1996Aquatic Meet '96-
13-Jul-1996Engineering Summer Camp - Dinner Banquet for women-
14-Feb-1996Construction of University Centre (PG + Staff quarters)-
11-Jun-1996Staff of University Development Office (UDO)-
21-Nov-1996Fourth Congregation-
25-Jun-1996"Investigatn of Ele. Chem. Reactns by Laser & Molecular Beams"-Nobel Prize Winner Prof Yuan-Tseh Lee-
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