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12-Oct-1995OWWS Prototype Demonstration-
7-Jun-1995Maria Lung in Biology Lab.-
8-Sep-1995Multi-media Lab-
7-Mar-1995Briefing meeting of National Science Foundation of China-
12-Sep-1995Research Student in Geotechnical Lab-
12-Dec-1995Workshop on EcoNet for South China Coastal area-
8-Oct-1995Third Aquatic Meet Championship '95-
25-Aug-1995Asian-pacific short course on Aerosols Lab Demo.-
7-Oct-1995Student Outreach Day '95-
23-Feb-1995Education and Career Expo-
22-May-1995Workshop by Zhong Acheng-
3-Jul-1995Asia-Pacific Finance Association-
18-Jan-1995Biology Lab-
1-Jul-1995Squash Courts-
10-Oct-1995Biology Trip-
22-Jun-1995International Society for Decision Support Systems Conference-
29-Apr-1995Mai Po Field Trip by Nature Club-
30-Mar-1995MCPC Equipment Shooting-
28-Mar-1995Luncheon Talk: Mr Martin Tang - Talks on Corporate Leadership-
25-Sep-1995Wu Shu Week-
19-Jan-1995White House OST Policy Visit-
23-Aug-1995Asian-Pacific Seminar on Aerosols by Prof John Seinfeld-
1-Mar-1995Satellite Antenna & Remote Sensing Research by Fang Ming-
7-Jun-1995Dr Guochen JIA in Chemistry Lab-
25-Nov-1995Opening Ceremony of Pre-97 Special Arts Zone Exh.-
7-May-1995Dragon Boat Race Pratice Session by Faculty and Staff-
24-Jan-1995Chamber Music at HKUST - The Lindsay Trio-
20-Feb-1995"Economics and Game Theory" - Prof Joh Charsanyi-94 Nobel Prize Laureate in Econ. Science-
20-Jan-1995University Life Camp by SU-
25-May-1995Biology Lab-
17-Aug-1995Conference on South China's Economic Conference-
11-Jan-1995Physics Week-
12-Sep-1995Dr. Lo in Environmental Lab-
6-Sep-1995Basketball Competition-
28-Jul-1995Visit: Shanghai Mayor-
17-May-1995Biochemistry Lab-
5-Jun-1995Farewell Dinner for Mr. A& Mrs. Macpherson-
24-Oct-1995Solar Eclipse-
1-Oct-19951st University Rowing Championship-
17-May-1995Civil & Structural Engineering Open Day-
9-Jun-1995Marketing Laboratory-
1-Jul-1995Lawn Area-
7-Jun-1995Repression of ethylene via antisense RNA technique-
17-Oct-1995Dr. Ko. in Biochemistry Lab.-
1-Feb-1995Construction of Engineering & Science Labs-
24-Apr-1995Guided Visit (Trinidad and Tobago Trade Mission and the Prime Minister)-
15-Dec-1995Microsoft Seminar by Bill Gates-
2-Mar-1995Public Affairs Lecture -- "Education Policy of Liberal & Demorcratic Parties" by Mr. Henry Tang & Mr. K Y Ip-
27-Sep-1995Concert '95 by Universtiy Choir-
4-Jul-1995Engineering Summer Camp-
Results 1-50 of 96 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).

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