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17-Feb-1994Public Affiars Lecture - Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of HK-
12-Nov-1994Athletic Meet '94-
10-Oct-1994Seminar "Space Exploration" by Dr. Leory Chiao NASA Astronant-
2-Jun-1994Introduction of PVC(R&D) - Prof. Engene Wong-
11-Mar-1994Glass Blowing Workshop-
29-Nov-1994Laser Laboratory-Physics Dept-
17-Mar-1994Basic Law-
23-May-1994Public Affairs Luncheon Lecture - Antony Leung-
25-May-1994Humanities Seminar - My father's music life-
6-Jan-1994Sony Corporation Cheque Presentation-
4-Mar-1994OPA Activities-
3-Jan-1994Donation Ceremony - Kwong On Bank-
1-Jan-1994Lecture: "Daya Bay Nuclear Plant"-
22-Jan-1994Hainan Institute Inauguration-
1-Nov-1994Phase 3 Site-
19-May-1994Social Science Seminar: "ACEG model of Chinese Economy"-
17-Jan-1994Sun Hing Steel Furniture Factory Ltd. Cheque Presentation-
25-Feb-1994Intellectual Properties-
1-Jan-1994Computer Barn-
5-May-1994Donors' Reception '94-
6-Sep-1994Construction of staff quarters-
2-Apr-1994"Invention of Chemical Reaction" by Derek Barton (Nobel Prize Winner)-
8-Aug-1994Distinguished Lecture in Science - by Prof. J Robert Schrieffer (Nobel Laureate in Physics)-
19-Apr-1994Recruitment Talk-
8-Aug-1994Fluid Mechanics Project by D Y Hsieh-
25-Mar-1994Chamber Orchestra with Bach Choir at Expo Hall-
31-May-1994Physics-Laser Lab. (Prof George Wong)-
13-Apr-1994Public Lecture: Discrimination on Terms of Employment-
19-Apr-1994Career Centre-
24-Feb-1994Education and Career Expo-
18-Nov-1994Law Week - "The Future of HK Legal System After 1997" by Anna Wu-
10-Jun-1994R&D Forum by Prof. Eugene Wong-
9-Oct-1994Aquatic Meet '94-
3-Jun-1994Prof. Nelson Cue in Physics Lab.-
1-Jan-1994Exposition Hall-
10-Mar-1994Public Affairs Luncheon Lecture - Dr. Raymond Chien-
20-Aug-1994HK Supernet Presents : Introduction to Internet-
2-Sep-1994Splendors of Brush and Ink: An Exhibition of Fine Reproductions of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the National Palace Museum, 2 September 1994 to 31 October 1994-
1-Feb-1994Recent Paintings by Lam Wu-Fui, 1 February 1994 to 31 March 1994-
2-Sep-1994Splendors of Brush and Ink Exhibition and Reception-
1-Feb-1994Lam Wu-Fui Painting Exhibit-
19-Aug-1994Social Science Conference - "The emergence of East Asia some Bilateral and Multilateral Issues"-
7-Dec-1994Computer Graphics on Wind Monitoring over New Airport SitePAO
10-Mar-1994Table Tennis CompetitionPAO
19-Apr-1994Dance Performance by Dancing ClubPAO
25-Mar-1994Annual Performance of Drama Club (Rehearsal)PAO
31-Aug-1994Official Welcome of New Students '94PAO
2-Apr-1994A Day in CampusPAO
19-May-1994The Debut Concert by the Wind EnsemblePAO
Results 1-50 of 77 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).

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