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Issue DateTitleOffice
6-Jan-1992Orientation '92-
16-Oct-1992Symposium on the Governor's Annual Address to the Legislative Council-
9-Aug-1992Bobby Location Shooting-
20-Jul-1992Dow Chemical-
3-Aug-1992Bobby Location Shooting-
13-May-1992The Governor - Sir David Wilson-
1-Jan-1992Education and Career Expo-
3-Oct-1992Chinese Olympic Medallists-
20-Aug-1992Joint School Science Exhibition Members-
14-Apr-1992Distinguished Lecture by Theodor Diener-
28-Mar-1992Business Sutdents' Union Inauguration Ceremony-
17-Mar-1992Tug-of-war Competition-
20-Mar-1992Self-Access Language Centre-
4-Aug-1992Palm Trees Landing in UST-
10-Aug-1992Academy for Performing Arts-
30-Sep-1992Project Hope Swimming Gala-
21-Aug-1992Physics (Condensed Matter Theory Workshop)-
8-Sep-1992The Governor - Sir Christopher Patten-
4-Jun-1992Dragon Boat '92-
1-Jan-1992Distinguished Lecture in Science by Prof Chen-ning YANG-
5-Nov-1992Distinguished Lecture by Mr Gordon Y S WU - "The Econ. Potential of the Pearl River Delta"-
5-Dec-1992Prof Jevon Lee - "Accounting & Capital Market"-
7-May-1992Donors' Reception-
6-Apr-1992Kuok's Donation-
2-Sep-1992MCPC Lab-
29-Jan-1992Distinguished Lecture in Science 1992 by Prof Yuet-wai KAN-
17-Jun-1992Group of PRC Scientists Visiting-
6-Jan-1992Lu Ping-
20-Apr-1992Huang Miao-Zi: Calligraphy & Printing-
29-Oct-1992Shenzhen Radio TV UniversityPAO
9-Sep-1992VC Meets the Winning Students of Joint Sch ExhibitionPAO
2-May-1992Round-Campus RacePAO
1-Sep-1992Orientation Night '92PAO
7-Aug-1992Sai Kung District OfficePAO
13-May-1992Sir Wilson 1st & 2nd visitPTC
2-Dec-1992Media Luncheon : Frank ChingPAO
2-Oct-1992Royal Visit : Mr & Mrs Michael TrendPAO
17-Oct-1992Tsim Sha Tsui Area CommitteePAO
8-Jul-1992ACM Computer Contest WinnerPAO
5-Nov-1992Chinese General Chamber of CommercePAO
14-Sep-1992District Board ChairmenPAO
3-Oct-1992China Olympic Games DelegatesPTC
7-Jan-1992Sir John Burgh (President of Trinity College: Oxford University)PAO
2-May-1992Beach Clean UpPAO
12-Aug-1992Lecturer From University of Guang ZhouPAO
24-Nov-1992Fellowship Dinner on Reception (HKUST, HKU, CU)PAO
26-Aug-1992Unix Security WorkshopPAO
1-Oct-1992Media Luncheon : George ShenPAO
21-Nov-1992The Hong Kong Educational Research Association - Ninth Annual ConferencePAO
Results 1-50 of 52 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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