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1-May-1997Smart Invest Services Launching-
24-Jun-1999Meng Dialect Conference-
2-Mar-1996Currency Exhibition at Expo Hall-
28-Apr-1997AEARU Biotech Workshop-
17-Dec-1997China Business Forum-
8-Sep-1995Multi-media Lab-
26-Sep-1997Research Project-
6-Jan-1992Orientation '92-
13-Nov-1997Fifth Congregation-
7-Mar-1995Briefing meeting of National Science Foundation of China-
12-Sep-1995Research Student in Geotechnical Lab-
28-Mar-1993Popular Science Lecture by Roland Chin-
12-Jun-1997Restaurant (LG5) - Wendy's-
19-May-1999President Report 99-
12-Nov-1994Athletic Meet '94-
6-May-1993Donors' Reception '93-
4-Jun-1993Vincent Lo-
16-Oct-1992Symposium on the Governor's Annual Address to the Legislative Council-
12-Jun-1997Academic Concourse - CCST Express Stations Computers-
3-Jun-19986th Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference-
20-May-1999Seminar on I-Ching by Lin Yun-
10-Oct-1994Seminar "Space Exploration" by Dr. Leory Chiao NASA Astronant-
12-Dec-1995Workshop on EcoNet for South China Coastal area-
2-Jun-1994Introduction of PVC(R&D) - Prof. Engene Wong-
11-Mar-1994Glass Blowing Workshop-
9-Aug-1992Bobby Location Shooting-
30-Oct-1997Sculptor's Workshop-
20-Jul-1992Dow Chemical-
15-Jul-1996Engineering Summer Camp - Design Competition-
5-Nov-1996Outreach Day (5/11/96) and Open Day (6/11/96)-
2-Nov-1990Education and Career Expo-
3-Aug-1992Bobby Location Shooting-
3-Nov-1997Rugby Training-
29-Nov-1994Laser Laboratory-Physics Dept-
8-Oct-1995Third Aquatic Meet Championship '95-
10-Apr-1997Wellness Week - Relaxation Workshop-
19-Jul-1993RSA Science Summer Camp 1-
21-Dec-1990Site Photo (Black & White)-
23-Oct-1997Restaurant (LG5)-
20-Sep-1990MTR Exhibition-
16-Nov-1991Daya Bay-
19-Jan-1998Signing Ceremony for World Wide Web Consortium - Chinese Computing-
25-Aug-1995Asian-pacific short course on Aerosols Lab Demo.-
22-Dec-1997Conference for Worldwide Chinese Young Chemists-
29-May-1996Information Forum with the President-
21-May-1997Handover Countdown Board-
13-Nov-1998Inauguration Ceremony of Academic Alliance Between Peking University and HKUST-
5-Nov-1996Dr Mark Davidson (Teaching Awarded Winner '96)-
1-Aug-1993Social Club Football Team-
17-Apr-1997Group Shot of Exchange Student-
Results 51-100 of 764 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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