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19-Apr-1994Career Centre-
24-Feb-1994Education and Career Expo-
1-Jul-1997Fun Day-
18-Nov-1994Law Week - "The Future of HK Legal System After 1997" by Anna Wu-
17-Aug-1995Conference on South China's Economic Conference-
10-Jun-1994R&D Forum by Prof. Eugene Wong-
15-Jan-1993Physics Teaching Lab-
4-Jun-1992Dragon Boat '92-
11-Jan-1995Physics Week-
23-Feb-1996"Microscale Thermal Phenonmenon in Modern Technology" by Prof. Chang-Lin Tien-
23-Dec-1996Pig's Foot re-month disease (Biology)-
12-Sep-1995Dr. Lo in Environmental Lab-
6-Sep-1995Basketball Competition-
28-Jul-1995Visit: Shanghai Mayor-
6-Jan-1997Technology Week '97-
18-Dec-1993By Rotary Club of N.T.-
18-Feb-1997Environmental Lab Opening-
14-Jul-1998Physics Summer Camp-
29-Jun-1998HK Economic Forum - Free Market Economy - The Way Forward-
1-Jan-1992Distinguished Lecture in Science by Prof Chen-ning YANG-
11-Mar-1999Higher Education Expo. '99-
17-May-1995Biochemistry Lab-
11-Apr-1996Shui On Centre for China B&M-
18-Feb-1993Education and Career Expo-
26-Feb-1999Alumni - Start-ups-
24-Sep-1997Lecture by Prof Ping Ko (The School of Eng.- Teaching.Research.Service)-
26-May-1993Philip Chan in EEE Micro-Processor Lab-
22-Jun-1999HK Telecom Institute of Information Technology-
25-Sep-1998R&D Dept cs Research Project (at Lab)-
11-Nov-19971997 Golden Circles Award for EMO-
11-Dec-1991Chen Ziying (HK & Macau Affairs Office)-
3-Dec-1993"Biotech & Ethics" Talk-
9-Nov-1990Education and Career Expo-
9-Oct-1994Aquatic Meet '94-
4-Jul-1996Chemical Engineering Lab. (Dr. Yu)-
5-Jun-1995Farewell Dinner for Mr. A& Mrs. Macpherson-
24-Oct-1995Solar Eclipse-
20-Sep-1991Wyse Technology-
3-Jun-1994Prof. Nelson Cue in Physics Lab.-
21-Jul-1997Biology Summer Camp - Tree Walk-
1-Oct-19951st University Rowing Championship-
20-Jul-1998Engineering Summer Camp 1998-
17-May-1995Civil & Structural Engineering Open Day-
7-Nov-1993Interview with the users of LG7 Chinese Restaurant-
9-Jun-1995Marketing Laboratory-
21-Oct-1993First Congregation-
18-Sep-1998PRS System-
5-Feb-1999SME Exhibition-
Results 301-350 of 764 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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