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21-Jul-1997Engineering Summer Camp - Work in Hall I-
8-Aug-1994Fluid Mechanics Project by D Y Hsieh-
12-Jun-1997Restaurant (LG5) - Congee-
28-May-1991HKUST Construction Site-
1-Jun-1996Civil & Structural Engineering - Shing Mum River, Research project by Dr Reinhard Rennerberg (Chem)-
5-Sep-1997Staff Provident Fund - New Choice Plan Seminar-
26-Sep-1998Student Outreach Day '98 & Parents' Day '98-
16-Feb-1997Higher Education Expo. '97-
24-Jan-1995Chamber Music at HKUST - The Lindsay Trio-
13-Jun-1998Student in Class (GDM)-
25-Mar-1998Consumer Media Lab-
20-Feb-1995"Economics and Game Theory" - Prof Joh Charsanyi-94 Nobel Prize Laureate in Econ. Science-
8-Apr-1997Wellness Week - Blood Cholesterol Testing, Exercise & Calorie Workshop-
25-Mar-1994Chamber Orchestra with Bach Choir at Expo Hall-
30-Sep-1992Project Hope Swimming Gala-
23-Mar-1999Principals' Day '99-
10-Oct-1998Aquatic Meet '98-
4-Oct-1997Swimming Gala-
14-Feb-1997HEERA Exhibition-
30-Oct-1997Bank of China-
16-Oct-1993Social Club Football Team - Competition with outsiders-
18-Jul-1997Engineering Summer Camp - Industrial Eng. Lab & Civil Eng. Lab-
12-Nov-1991Sino-Land Donation: Robert Ng-
13-Feb-1997Tang Shu Wing (Drama)-
11-Nov-1998Sixth Congregation-
11-Jun-19989th Global Warming International Conference and Expo Closing Ceremony-
20-Jan-1999Public Affairs Lecture - "HK's Economy" by Dr Antony Leung-
31-May-1994Physics-Laser Lab. (Prof George Wong)-
21-Aug-1992Physics (Condensed Matter Theory Workshop)-
14-Sep-1991Margaret Thatcher (Former British Prime Minister)-
12-Oct-1996Aquatic Meet '96-
1-Sep-1999Innovation 99-
13-Jul-1996Engineering Summer Camp - Dinner Banquet for women-
14-Feb-1996Construction of University Centre (PG + Staff quarters)-
13-Apr-1994Public Lecture: Discrimination on Terms of Employment-
11-Jun-1996Staff of University Development Office (UDO)-
21-Mar-1998New Approaches in Cancer Drug Development-
21-Nov-1996Fourth Congregation-
30-Oct-1998Public Affairs Lecture - "Fin. & Future Development in HK" by Mr Larry Yung-
13-May-1997Luncheon to Honour Prospective Academic Achievement Medal Winners-
30-Apr-1997Chemical Engineering Lab. (Dr. Yu - Fugi)-
20-Jan-1995University Life Camp by SU-
8-Sep-1992The Governor - Sir Christopher Patten-
28-Mar-1998Business Mentoring Forum-
25-May-1995Biology Lab-
19-May-1999Seminar on PRS-
25-Jun-1996"Investigatn of Ele. Chem. Reactns by Laser & Molecular Beams"-Nobel Prize Winner Prof Yuan-Tseh Lee-
1-Sep-1993Signing Agreement of Phase III Staff Quarter Construction Contract-
2-Jun-1998Li Lanqing, Vice Premier of China, met UST delegation-
24-Sep-1996Cyberspace Center Inauguration Ceremony-
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