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20-Jan-1999Hon Donald Tsang, JP's Visit-
1-Feb-1996APLE Multi-media Lab-
5-May-1994Donors' Reception '94-
25-Sep-1995Wu Shu Week-
17-Sep-1990Environment '90 Workshop-
6-Jan-1997MCPC Lab (Technology Week)-
25-Sep-1998Four Sides Exhibition (Press Release)-
19-Jan-1995White House OST Policy Visit-
15-Jan-1998Donation Presentation & Inauguration Ceremony for Hang Lung Center for organization Research-
18-Sep-1998SBM Expert Team (Suggestions for HK '98 Financial Problems)-
23-Aug-1995Asian-Pacific Seminar on Aerosols by Prof John Seinfeld-
1-Mar-1995Satellite Antenna & Remote Sensing Research by Fang Ming-
6-Sep-1994Construction of staff quarters-
14-Aug-1997Jockey Club Wall Painting-
1-Jan-1997Sundays in Campus-
21-Jul-1996Biology + Biochemistry Student Society booth at the 29th Joint Schools Science Exhibition JSSE-
2-Apr-1994"Invention of Chemical Reaction" by Derek Barton (Nobel Prize Winner)-
16-Jul-1996Laboratory Session of Physics Summer Camp-
9-Jan-1996Discussion Meeting between Faculty and UGC-
1-Dec-1996SBM Academic Tour-
24-Apr-1991Jupas Interview-
25-Nov-1996Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Leo ESAKI - "Innovation & Evolation: Reflections on a Life in Science-
15-Oct-1997Talk by Prof Yue-Shue Chan - Functions of HKUST: Teaching.Research.Services-
23-Nov-1993Luncheon Lecture : Human Rights Commission by Anna Wu-
7-Jun-1995Dr Guochen JIA in Chemistry Lab-
17-Nov-1996Athletic Meet '96-
15-Sep-1997Science Teaching Award Winners-
8-Aug-1994Distinguished Lecture in Science - by Prof. J Robert Schrieffer (Nobel Laureate in Physics)-
13-Nov-1997Press Conference (Nansha Project - IT Community)-
20-Mar-1992Self-Access Language Centre-
1-May-1993Biology Lab-
1-Nov-1990Foundation of HK Telecom-
14-Apr-1998Lecture by Prof Otto Lin (VPRD)-
11-Jun-1998Civil: Building Vibration / Convention Exhibition Centre-
24-Jun-1996Bank of China Luncheon Donation Ceremony for Affinity Card-
25-Nov-1995Opening Ceremony of Pre-97 Special Arts Zone Exh.-
2-Apr-1996Active Physics Learning Environment-
4-Aug-1992Palm Trees Landing in UST-
10-Aug-1992Academy for Performing Arts-
11-Aug-1990Boat Trip-
19-Dec-1996CAS President Zhou's Visit-
21-Mar-1997Civil Bridge Measurement-
12-Apr-1997Tree Planting-
4-Apr-1998Math Trail-
7-May-1995Dragon Boat Race Pratice Session by Faculty and Staff-
1-Nov-1991Distinguished Lectures in Business - by Dr Merton MILLER-
22-Oct-1996"Save Energy" Shot-
19-Apr-1994Recruitment Talk-
Results 201-250 of 764 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).

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