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1-Jan-1990Biotechnology Research Institution Inauguration-
13-May-1993Student in EEE Dept. Lab-
27-Sep-1997Student Outreach Day '97-
3-Sep-1996Machine Room-
30-Nov-1997Athletic Meet '97-
1-Nov-1994Phase 3 Site-
26-Jun-1996Research Project by Dr Reinhard Rennerberg (Chem)-
19-May-1994Social Science Seminar: "ACEG model of Chinese Economy"-
4-Dec-1998University Affairs Lecture - Outlook of HK's Economic-
12-Nov-1991Distinguished Science Lecture-
3-Jul-1995Asia-Pacific Finance Association-
20-Dec-1991Table Tennis-
8-Feb-1999Mrs Alice Lam's Visit-
17-Jan-1994Sun Hing Steel Furniture Factory Ltd. Cheque Presentation-
20-Aug-1992Joint School Science Exhibition Members-
29-Apr-1991Donation Presentation Ceremony-
16-Oct-1997Press Conference (Reef Check)-
18-Jan-1995Biology Lab-
1-Jul-1995Squash Courts-
10-Oct-1995Biology Trip-
17-Apr-19965th-yr Anniversary Exhibits - Landmark, Haubour City, Tai Po KCR & Shatin KCR-
6-Jan-1997EEE Lab (Technology Week)-
26-Mar-1997IEEM/Stanford Project-
25-Feb-1994Intellectual Properties-
16-Sep-1997Campus View-
1-Mar-1996EEE -- Computer-Numerical Control, research project by Li ZeXiang-
22-Jun-1995International Society for Decision Support Systems Conference-
14-Apr-1992Distinguished Lecture by Theodor Diener-
29-Apr-1995Mai Po Field Trip by Nature Club-
23-Nov-1993Installation of the satellite T.V. Dish-
17-Dec-1997President & Mayor of GuangZhou-
18-Apr-1997State of University Address-
12-Mar-1998Higher Education Expo. '98-
4-Mar-1993Distinguished Lecture by Allen Lee - "Changes in HK Government"-
19-Sep-1996Staff/Student Basketball Game-
20-Feb-1999Chemistry Olympiad 99-
30-Mar-1995MCPC Equipment Shooting-
19-Feb-1993Computer Science-
17-Oct-1996Physics Lab.-
1-Jan-1994Computer Barn-
28-Mar-1992Business Sutdents' Union Inauguration Ceremony-
1-Jan-1996Computer Aided Design CAD/CAEM-
12-Apr-1997Environmental Protection Day-
4-Nov-1993IES Inauguration Ceremony-
17-Mar-1992Tug-of-war Competition-
28-Mar-1995Luncheon Talk: Mr Martin Tang - Talks on Corporate Leadership-
9-Oct-1996Patent of Computer Science-
1-Nov-1997Graduates Picking up Grown for Congregation-
18-Oct-1996Seminar of Physics-
Results 151-200 of 764 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).

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