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13-May-1992The Governor - Sir David Wilson-
17-Mar-1994Basic Law-
22-Nov-1996Signing Agreement of SBM & Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University-
25-Sep-1996Celebrating the 10th Yr from the Inauguration Mtg of the Planning Committee of University-
23-May-1994Public Affairs Luncheon Lecture - Antony Leung-
25-May-1994Humanities Seminar - My father's music life-
6-Jan-1994Sony Corporation Cheque Presentation-
30-Apr-1997Indoor Rowing Competition-
1-Jan-1992Education and Career Expo-
3-Oct-1992Chinese Olympic Medallists-
25-Nov-1993Lecture by Maxine Hong Kingston-
16-Jun-1997MTR Exhibition (Travelling Exhibit - 97)-
20-Jan-1999Press Conference (IEEM HKTAIGA)-
27-Mar-1996Student in Class (CENG)-
28-May-1997Class Talk PIPS-
28-Feb-1996Information Center-
18-Feb-1991Site (Feb 91)-
23-May-1991Site (May 91)-
4-Mar-1994OPA Activities-
14-Aug-1997Building Work at South End of Academic Building-
20-Apr-1998HK CAS Alumni Inauguation '98-
3-Jan-1994Donation Ceremony - Kwong On Bank-
11-Oct-1997BBA - Alumni Association-
29-Apr-1997Lecture by Rita Fan-
6-Oct-1993Campus Run '93-
6-Jan-1997Computer Science (Technology Week)-
21-Jul-1997Engineering Summer Camp - Desing Night-
21-May-1996Children's Swimming Class-
20-Dec-1993X'mas Lucky Draw (Souvenir Shop)-
1-Jan-1994Lecture: "Daya Bay Nuclear Plant"-
20-Feb-1997Music Fire Final Competition-
10-Oct-1993First Aquatic Meet-
6-Jan-1997Biochemistry Lab (Technology Week)-
21-Apr-1993Donation Presentation Ceremony by William Mong-
11-Oct-1996Mechanical Engineering-
7-Oct-1995Student Outreach Day '95-
22-Jan-1994Hainan Institute Inauguration-
26-Nov-1997Lecture by Prof Leory Chang (The School of Sci. - Teaching.Research.Service)-
4-Feb-1993Australia Consulate General Book Presentation-
16-Jul-1997Physics Summer Camp - Tour of Labs-
1-Dec-1993Campus Service Office-
23-Feb-1995Education and Career Expo-
22-Oct-1993First Open Day-
1-Oct-1991Sundial Sculptors-
22-Apr-1997"Tomorrow's Tech Today" Exhibit at Ocean Terminal-
22-Jul-1997Biology Summer Camp - DNA Fingerprinting-
12-Nov-1997Workshop Exhibition Opening (Wong Keping)-
6-Aug-1998Smart Card over the Internet-
21-Apr-1998Management Review Panel Meeting-
22-May-1995Workshop by Zhong Acheng-
Results 101-150 of 764 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).

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