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1-Nov-1997Graduates Picking up Grown for Congregation-
6-Jan-1997MCPC Lab (Technology Week)-
14-Aug-1997Jockey Club Wall Painting-
1-Jan-1997Sundays in Campus-
15-Oct-1997Talk by Prof Yue-Shue Chan - Functions of HKUST: Teaching.Research.Services-
15-Sep-1997Science Teaching Award Winners-
13-Nov-1997Press Conference (Nansha Project - IT Community)-
21-Mar-1997Civil Bridge Measurement-
12-Apr-1997Tree Planting-
21-Jul-1997Engineering Summer Camp - Work in Hall I-
12-Jun-1997Restaurant (LG5) - Congee-
5-Sep-1997Staff Provident Fund - New Choice Plan Seminar-
16-Feb-1997Higher Education Expo. '97-
8-Apr-1997Wellness Week - Blood Cholesterol Testing, Exercise & Calorie Workshop-
4-Oct-1997Swimming Gala-
14-Feb-1997HEERA Exhibition-
30-Oct-1997Bank of China-
18-Jul-1997Engineering Summer Camp - Industrial Eng. Lab & Civil Eng. Lab-
13-Feb-1997Tang Shu Wing (Drama)-
13-May-1997Luncheon to Honour Prospective Academic Achievement Medal Winners-
30-Apr-1997Chemical Engineering Lab. (Dr. Yu - Fugi)-
1-Jul-1997Fun Day-
6-Jan-1997Technology Week '97-
18-Feb-1997Environmental Lab Opening-
24-Sep-1997Lecture by Prof Ping Ko (The School of Eng.- Teaching.Research.Service)-
11-Nov-19971997 Golden Circles Award for EMO-
21-Jul-1997Biology Summer Camp - Tree Walk-
14-Mar-1997Foggy Environment-
14-Nov-1997Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of the Nanostructure Materials & Technology Joint Lab.-
7-Mar-1997New SU President-
7-Nov-1997Wind Tunnel-
4-Nov-1997EDN Asia's Innovator of the Year Award (For Prof. Philip Chan)-
27-Feb-1997Felix Cheung (Graduate) "The Microchip"-
13-Sep-1997BBQ Site-
12-Nov-1997Lecture by Prof Ting Pang-Hsin (The School of Humanities - Teaching.Research.Services-
21-Mar-1997Recent Works by Jerzy Lesko, 21 March 1997 to 20 May 1997-
26-Mar-1997Jerzy Lesko Exhibit Opening-
27-Feb-1997Moving on the Campus-
21-Nov-1997International Fair (Foreign Exchange Student Q&A)PAO
30-Oct-1997Press Conference (Honor Distinguished Teachers)PAO
17-Jul-1997Parent-child Art WorkshopPAO
19-Feb-1997Aerobics ClassPAO
29-Aug-1997Official Welcome of New Students '97PAO
6-Nov-1997Cantonese Opera Workshop by Law Ka-yingPAO
29-Aug-1997Tsinghua Students Visit USTPAO
12-Nov-1997Aerial Shot (Phase III) by Focal PointPAO
5-Mar-1997Putonghua Competition RehearsalPAO
Results 51-100 of 147 (Search time: 0.005 seconds).

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